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Video:Teabaggers Distrupt Peacful Move On..Org Meeting With Threats

 A local paper in Roseburg, Oragan printed this story about a local group of members who had peacefully assembled at a local park.  This is particularly disturbing in what it says about the real effects of "The Fox News Show" and it's group of propagandists.  The Teabaggers continually yelled out "Van Jones" and "Communists, Fascists and Marxists" In my opinion, these thugs are indistinguishable to the Nazi Brown Shirts (please forgive the Nazi analogy but when the shoe fits perfectly sometimes making the analogy is important),  They shouted "leave", "we don't want no Communists here" and berated and threatened the mostly older liberals until they did just that.  They left peacefully.  The group of Teabagger thugs were so proud of scaring old ladies and old men out of the park they even bragged about it, as you will see in the video. Even if they were Communists or Marxists (which they are not) or whatever, isn't this still America or is Fox's propagandist rhetoric turning it into something else.  Something scary and something very, very wrong.

A small political gathering of about 18 liberal thinkers at River Forks Park Sunday afternoon erupted in conflict when about 35 members of the conservative tea party intruded upon the meeting, waving flags and holding signs accusing the rival group of being communists, Marxists and socialists.
The liberal group — organized by — decided to leave the park and move its potluck to a nearby home. Members of the conservative group followed, parking at the entrance of a private lane leading to the home to continue their protest.
Roseburg Democrats Dean and Sara Byers said Monday they told tea party members who followed that they were not welcome to drive down the lane to their home.
The Byerses said they got out of their car to stop vehicles from entering the driveway and one tea party member almost ran them over.
Sara Byers said she was so shaken she called 911. She said a Douglas County deputy called about an hour and a half later and said he had been unable to respond because of other incidents. Byers said she was still considering filing a criminal complaint against members of the tea party for harassment.
A leader of the tea party group, Rich Raynor of Roseburg, disputed the liberal group's version of events.
“They are liars,” said Raynor, director of Douglas County Americans for Prosperity. “That is what communists do
 Watch and you decide:

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