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Red States Face Money Over Idealogy in Fight Over "Obamacare"

You can always count on Republicans to place idealogy over practicality (and worse but definiltely true what's best for their constituents) - and you can always count on insurance companies to put profits over everything else. Well, these two trains of thought are about to collide in those red states who refuse (for of course "I hate Obama" reasons) to support their own best interests. It's the same ol' story:  Money vs, Idealogy - I'm bettin on money. Check out Think Progress for more:
Health Insurers Lobby Red States To Implement Health Reform’s Exchanges | ThinkProgress


Video: Jon Stewart - The Only Person on TeeVee Land Who Understands NO Means No!

I'm not the only one who sat ape faced watching the MSM political hacks pundits,. wondering how they could possibly have heard anything but NO when a woman at the Republican "House of Worship", a.k.a. the Reagan library, asked - no begged - Chris Christi to run for president. Watch this clip from "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart:


So, how could anyone have predicted Christi would not be running for president???