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The GOP is Just a Bunch of Angry Losers Who Should Never Again Be Put in Power

I haven't written in a long time due to personal reasons but I have been watching the GOP circus clowns as much as I can stomach.  These people running for president as Republicans have finally shown America what they have always been about.  Even the GOP audiences join in to define what the Republican party is now comprised of.  The republican party, the tea party, what ever you want to call it is nothing but a bunch of angry white voters who have never been good losers. It's in their nature. Yes, the fact President Obama is black has only added fuel to their fire but they would never accept any Democratic victory.  Does anyone truly believe George W. Bush would have bowed out graciously like Al Gore did in 2000?  My God it would have probably started another civil war.  The clowns at these GOP debates have all tried to outdo each other in cruelty and bigotry.  From taking away health care reform to building the biggest, deadliest fences to protect us from all those terrible "illegal aliens" and letting people die because they have no health insurance, all these people want is an America that never existed for the vast majority of us. They have already succeeded in breaking down the middle class that built this country and pinned the blame on "others".  This country thrived because of "The New Deal" for almost 4 decades.  Should we be holding on to some pipe dream of suddenly becoming part of that 1% or should we would be investing in our infrastructure, our schools, and the earth our children and grandchildren will someday inherit. Those clowns on stage at the Republican debates offer no solutions.  They all want exactly what we voted against in 2008: a return to the same economic policies which failed miserably for 99% of us and the deregulation of the  markets which led to a financial meltdown almost as big as the great depression.  President Obama has been extremely effective when he doesn't have to deal with congress, such as in foreign affairs.   Imagine what he could do without Republicans and Conservative Democrats fighting him tooth and nail at every step.  Just imagine.