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Video: Will Megyn Kelly Ask Rick Kelly, "Does It Matter If You're Dumb"?

Megyn Kelly will be one of the "esteemed" "journalists" questioning the slate of GOP candidates on stage for the Fox/Google sponsored debate scheduled for Wednesday on "The Fox News Show" channel, which reminded me of a blog I posted recently which shows Kelly asking a question I'm desperately hoping she ask Rick Perry.  The video I posted shows Kelly, during a discussion concerning Perry's intelligence, asking "Does it matter if you're dumb?": Something I just know we're all dying to hear answered by their anti-intellectualism GOP front runner. Watch:

Why Do Some Middle Classers Vote Republican? Tina Dupuy Explains Why

Progressives often bang their head against the wall trying to understand why their uncle, aunt, brother in law, neighbor, continues to vote Republican. And unless their one of those Glenn Beck, the gov'ment trying ta git my guns or I jus know dat wusnt no plane dat hit da pentgon morons who's already got his bomb shelter stocked with freeze dried food, seeds, gold and a short wave radio, Tina Dupuy at Crooks and Liars does a pretty deft job of explaining why. Check it out please:
Last Place Aversion: Why Middle-Class People Fear Tax Increases on the Rich | Crooks and Liars
And if you get a chance check out Thomas Frank's excellent book on this subject in What's The Matter With Kansas.

Video: Guest on "The Fox News Show" Sneaks in "Fox Lies"

When New York artist Jay Shells appeared on Fox's live show "Happening Now" to discuss his latest art project, which is posting odd but interesting signs promoting simple etiquette, he suddenly surprised host Jenna Lee.  Here's the fun part: 
It’s ironic I am here actually. I was going to do a sign that said “Fox News Lies”— [Jenna Lee gasps, then yells in exasperation] “Jay!”
But Jay's not finished:
—and put that up, but it got bumped by the “Clean up after your horse,” so I couldn’t do it. So, I’m stuck with “clean up after your horse.” Not as popular, but I think it’s funnier.”


Chart from Bureau of Labor Statistics Shows Lower Taxes Don't Mean Higher Unemployment

As they say, "A picture says a thousands words".  A chart says a few words too: Lower tax rates don't equal higher job rates.  This chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says it all.