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The GOP is Just a Bunch of Angry Losers Who Should Never Again Be Put in Power

I haven't written in a long time due to personal reasons but I have been watching the GOP circus clowns as much as I can stomach.  These people running for president as Republicans have finally shown America what they have always been about.  Even the GOP audiences join in to define what the Republican party is now comprised of.  The republican party, the tea party, what ever you want to call it is nothing but a bunch of angry white voters who have never been good losers. It's in their nature. Yes, the fact President Obama is black has only added fuel to their fire but they would never accept any Democratic victory.  Does anyone truly believe George W. Bush would have bowed out graciously like Al Gore did in 2000?  My God it would have probably started another civil war.  The clowns at these GOP debates have all tried to outdo each other in cruelty and bigotry.  From taking away health care reform to building the biggest, deadliest fences to protect us from all those terrible "illegal aliens" and letting people die because they have no health insurance, all these people want is an America that never existed for the vast majority of us. They have already succeeded in breaking down the middle class that built this country and pinned the blame on "others".  This country thrived because of "The New Deal" for almost 4 decades.  Should we be holding on to some pipe dream of suddenly becoming part of that 1% or should we would be investing in our infrastructure, our schools, and the earth our children and grandchildren will someday inherit. Those clowns on stage at the Republican debates offer no solutions.  They all want exactly what we voted against in 2008: a return to the same economic policies which failed miserably for 99% of us and the deregulation of the  markets which led to a financial meltdown almost as big as the great depression.  President Obama has been extremely effective when he doesn't have to deal with congress, such as in foreign affairs.   Imagine what he could do without Republicans and Conservative Democrats fighting him tooth and nail at every step.  Just imagine.


Late, Late Night Snack Video: Bachman Parody of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way"

This is a must, must, must see. It's just that clever.  With great lines like "Vote for me if you think Sarah Palin is too cerebral", "Don't be gay, get therapy" and Marcus Bachman singing "I can't wait to be First "Lady", it will be remembered as one of the best parodies period. Kudos to Noel Wells and Steven Baranowski" and staff.  Watch and enjoy:
Credits for the Gaga Bachmann parody:
Written by: Noël Wells
Additional writing by: Steven Baranowski
Produced by: Milana Vayntrub
Directed by: Michael Kortlander
Cinematography by: John Veleta
Choreographed by: Ben Wolff
Editing and VFX by: Wes Cronk
Additional Editing by: Noël Wells
AD: Patrick Muhlberger
Instrumentals by: Jamal Holt –
Mixed by: M Janet Mars –
Performed by: Noël Wells, Paul Benton, David Kerns, Espie Randolph, Brent Butler, Benji Keepers, and Logan Strobel.
Special thanks to the crew and support including David T. Jones, Molly Green, James Leffler, Jared Bauer, Chris Westlund, Andrew Poland, Mark Evans
and Jonny Look


Frank Luntz Tells Republicans Occupy Wall Street "Scares Him"

Frank Luntz, the infamous Republican pollster and master of Orwellian speak, told a group of conservatives at a Republican Governors Association conference held in Florida, why the Occupy Wall Street movement has him scared.  Chris Moody from Yahoo was at the event and here are some snippets of Luntz's advice to fellow Republicans:
– Don’t Mention Capitalism: Luntz said that his polling research found that “The public…still prefers capitalism to socialism, but they think capitalism is immoral. And if we’re seen as defenders of quote, Wall Street, end quote, we’ve got a problem.”
– Empathize With The 99 Percent Protesters: Luntz instructed attendees to tell protesters that they “get it”: “First off, here are three words for you all: ‘I get it.’ … ‘I get that you’re. I get that you’ve seen inequality. I get that you want to fix the system.”
– Don’t Say Bonus: Luntz told Republicans to re-frame the concept of the bonus payment — which bailed-out Wall Street doles out to its employees during holidays — as “pay for performance” instead.
– Don’t Mention The Middle Class Because Americans Don’t Trust Republicans To Defend It: “They cannot win if the fight is on hardworking taxpayers,” Luntz instructed the audience. “We can say we defend the ‘middle class’ and the public will say, I’m not sure about that. But defending ‘hardworking taxpayers’ and Republicans have the advantage.”
– Don’t Talk About Taxing The Rich: Luntz reminded Republicans that Americans actually do want to tax the rich, so he reccommended they instead say that the government “takes from the rich.


Video: Newt Challenges the President to a Debate! How Fun!

Watch Newt Grinch mocking the President and actually challenging to him to a debate.  He even jokingly invites the President to "use a teleprompter".  The audience found this particularly funny.  However, Newt and his fans must have conveniently forgotten how easily the President took on the WHOLE REPUBLICAN CAUCUS  to an impromptu debate in which he soundly made them look like morons.  BTW, there was no teleprompter involved..  So here's Newt, in his famously egomaniacal way, challenging the President of the United States, who Newt knows has better things to do than kick his dumb ass:


Midnght Snack Video: Marvin Gaye "What's Going On?"

I would like to dedicate this to the brave young people at UC Davis and the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Marvin Gaye asked Americans a seemingly simple question "What's Going On". 


Video: Bill O' Reilly Challenges Rick Perry!

When Texas Governor and presidential wannabe Rick Perry swaggered onto "The Fox New's Show"'s The O'Reilly factor, I'll bet he had no idea Bill O'Reilly would actually challenge Perry's recent commercial which he edits to make President Obama sound like he's calling Americans lazy.  Perry must have wondered if he'd wondered into a real newsroom.  Bill'O not only challenges Perry, he plays the unedited video of the President's speech in context and then asks a confused Perry: "Do you really believe that's what he [President Obama] meant?"  Of course Perry says he does believe the President was referring to all Americans as lazy, which just makes him sound as dumb as he really is.  Later, O'Reilly even challenges Perry's assertion that the President "is absolutely a Socialist" and amazingly Bill'O even correctly defines the meaning of socialism to an even more confused Perry, (I guess O'Reilly's been spending years pretending he doesn't know the definition of Socialism).  Just watch:

This proves two things: Bill O'Reilly is probably a Romney supporter and two Bill'O really does understand the meaning of Socialism and unlike most Fox peoples even knows the President is not one.


Video: Herman Cain Shows Even Greater Ignorance Regarding Libya

Herman Cain not only showed complete ignorance regarding President Obama's actions concerning Libya.  He has now compounded on his infamous flub by claiming Al Quida and the Taliban have now taken control of Libya.  Watch:

OWS, Where Do We Go From Here??

The United States did not free itself from the tyranny of British rule in days, weeks or months.  It took many years and much bloodshed by brave and brilliant men to finally form what is now the greatest country on this earth.  Yet, still it took our country over one hundred years to finally rid itself of black slavery.  It took over another hundred years and even more bloodshed by more brave men and women to pass a civil rights act and put an end to legal segregation. Although in many ways segregation exists to this day.  And we still fight on against racism and bigotry.  All women were disenfranchised in the United States until 1919 and women's rights have still never truly been equal to our American male counterparts. Yet we continue to fight for gender equality.  The Triangle Shirt Waist factory fire finally called national attention to the lack of even basic safety conditions in the work place.  Unions had fought for decades to establish worker safety as a human "right". Unions fought to give workers the minimum wage, the establishment of the weekend, the 8 hour work day, overtime pay and the establishment of child labor laws, and many causes now perceived as common sense or what we may generally take for granted as our rights as American citizens.  Would any of us put up with being locked on factory floors or consider working under those unsafe working conditions today?  Would we put up with companies employing our children?  Would our country put up with any of the liberties many men and women have fought and died for over the past centuries?  We must seriously ask ourselves these questions. Because in this country, presently there are powerful forces existing which are still fighting against these rights. Think Koch brothers and the billions they spend on just that. Yet our unions, though weakened over the past decades, fight on to continue to protect those rights.against those who wish to dismantle them.  Franklin D. Roosevelt did not accomplish the New Deal, nor many of the other safeguards he put in place in the financial industry and elsewhere, overnight.  He did not end massive unemployment until the second world war made  a massive stimulus, in other words basic Keynesian economics, necessary  to provide government funding for the huge man (and women) power and war supplies needed to win the second world war.  During this time our country pulled together to support the greatest war this country had ever known.  We proudly planted "Victory Gardens", purchased war bonds and accepted food and gas rationing, as patriotic duties.  Our brave soldiers, because of these efforts and more, were well supplied and well fed.  Today, we may seem to have lost this sense of purpose we felt in those days.  However, I believe it still exists.  We are faced with the greatest recession since the great depression.  Yet we did not get there overnight.  For years we have allowed "Conservatives" to rob us and even destroy our land and water in the name of greed.  We have allowed ourselves to be lied into a war in which those in power profited greatly.  We have allowed these very few, however more and more powerful, to do this by turning a country of people, who once fought and sacrificed together, into a people who now turn against each other.  They have used the very differences portrayed in America's proverbial melting pot very much like the rich slave owning plantations owners did over one hundred and fifty years ago to once again turn American against American, creating a war fought not by them but by the common man who would never be affected by slavery but could be counted on to fight against "negro" freedom the plantation owners railed against.  And much American blood was shed across the United States. Have we learned nothing?   And while we are busy looking away and once again fighting other Americans over issues that make us different. Differences, some have fought and died so we might stand together with understanding and acceptance.  These new robber barons of the right will continue to attempt to take away all we have fought so hard for.  Occupy Wall Street has been an important step in calling attention to these criminals and their criminal activities but the criminals have been at it for a long time. We will have to work hard and long to stop them.  And we must do this in the way the United States was designed to rid our great country of such inequities: by peacefully addressing our grievances and  fighting them on the political battle fieldDo not give up on "Real Democrats".  Do not give up on President Obama.  He has only had three years to fight against the most vicious and immoral opponents, willing to do anything to win.  But none of our countries struggles were won in a day, in a month, in a year or even in three years.  Yes, what do we want? justice;  when do we want it? now,  may have once been our honorable rallying cry, but in reality justice is never realized "now".  It is realized one step at a time, by Americans willing to fight as long as it takes.

Video: Barney Frank Destroys Newt Gingrich

If there is one name Conservatives despise even more than the name Nancy Pelosi, that name would most likely be Barney Frank.  And consider which conservative would have the reason to despise Congressman Frank the most: 2012 presidential contender and former disgraced Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Could it be that Gingrich, knowing how many skeletons Barney Frank knows are hidden in Newt Gingrich's closet, would have plenty of reason to fear Frank?  Well it certainly doesn't seem  hard to find  inconsistencies in candidate Gingrich's interviews .Does he fail to understand how easy his declarations are to disprove by simply reviewing the video?  Newt Gingrich knows fully well how Barney Frank could add the narrative and help us all understand just how underhanded Mr. Gingrich has been all these years. Or does he truly believe the rest of American will fall for the garbage he's been able to feed to red meat hungry teabaggers on the right?  Watch how easily the most brilliant man in congress, Barney Frank, destroys him on Andrea Mitchell Reports:


Micheal Steele Insinuates Democrats Controlled Congress During Failure of Freddie and Fannie

Congressman (D-M) Barney Frank devastated Newt Gingrich's revisionist history over the failure of Freddie and Fannie Mac by pointing out that the Republican Party controlled Congress for over 12 years and did nothing to rectify the failure of the agencies which was becoming more and more apparent.  Congressman Frank pointed out that although he initially supported the government agencies because of his initial support for affordable home ownership, he later changed his view and urged the Republicans to initiate investigations into both of the agencies to no avail.  Today, on Al Sharpton's Politics Nation, Micheal Steele erroneously stated the Democrats were in control of the house from 1996-2002.  In fact, Republicans lead the House from 1994 until 2007 when Congressman Frank and Senator Dodd (D-M) were able to take over and finally put Fannie and Freddie into a conservortership.  Here is an interview a posted earlier taken from Andre Mitchel Reports where Congressman Frank explains this in detail:

Congressman (D-M) Barney Frank devistated Newt Gingrich's revisionist history over the failure of Freddie and Fannie Mac by pointing out that the Republican Party controlled Congress for over 12 years and did nothing to rectify the failure of the agencies which was becoming more and more apparrent.  Congressman Frank pointed out that although he initially supported the government agencies because of his initial support for affordable home ownership, he later changed his view and urged the Republicans to initiate investigations into both of the agencies to no avail.  Today, on Al Sharpton's Politics Nation, Micheal Steele errounously stated the Democrats were in control of the house from 1996-2002.  In fact, Republicans lead the House from 1994 until 2007 when Congressman Frank and Senator Dodd (D-M) were able to take over and finally put Fannie and Freddie into a conservertership.  Here is an interview a posted earlier taken from Andre Mitchel Reports where Congressman Frank explains this in detail:

Video: Rick Santorum Would Die Fighting Against Gay Marriage

Presidential wannabe Rick "man on dog" Santorum declares he would die to protect the "sanctity of marriage", which to Rick Santorum means only marriages between a man and a woman. He also goes on to express his opposition even to birth control. Santorum must have been seriously f***ed up as a kid because he is so deathly afraid of the gay he would rather die than accept it and who spends as much time thinking about sex as Rick Santorum? He definitely has mommy issues because everything he believes in just screams "I hate women". Watch this video of "man on dog" himself suppressing all the crap in his messed up head:

Wake Up America Before Republicans turn the U.S into Another 3rd World Country!

According to Republican leaders, the game plan for the 2012 presidential election will be "Obama has made the economy worse.  Americans may have extremely short memories but have they really forgotten the 22 million jobs lost under the Bush administration, the unnecessary and unfunded war he lied us into-which we're still paying for in lives and dollars.  Or the huge Bush tax cuts which are sending this country into bankruptcy-with the exception of those lucky 1% who don't work for a living. Does this country realize all the deregulation by Bush/Cheney and the Republicans has caused bridges to collapse and mines to collapse killing 29, airlines forced to ground many of their aircraft because of neglect by the the Bush "regulators".  Do people think all the outbreaks of food poisoning are just a coincidence?  And how can anyone forget about Cheney's "secret" closed door energy policy?  The policies that eventually led to 11 deaths and the greatest oil disaster in history.  Americans who believe Republican policies are the answer to America's financial and infrastructure problems may want to move to Mexico for awhile because that's exactly where this country is headed if we continue to fall for the same old Republican song and dance of cutting taxes for the wealthy and deregulation so nothing can get in their way.  After all they fly in private jets, drive the safest most expensive cars, what do they care how much gas cost and of course they buy the best food prepared by workers who wouldn't dare serve them tainted food and risk ruining their reputation.  They are insulated from the real world.  Jeez, how many times do these Republicans, (who now  masquerade as tea partiers since Bush/Cheney turned Republican into a dirty word), have to fail before Americans tell them where to take their phony failed policies, meant only to make them and their rich cronies even richer while turning this country into the kind of 3rd world country where the GOP could treat us like they do the workers in places like Mexico, China and Haiti.  God help us if they ever get in control again.  Think before you vote and if you care about the fate of the United States of America vote Democrat.  Republicans have had enough chances and have proved they have no interest in governing.  Their only concern is making sure they and their rich buddies continue to get richer and richer while caring little that the rest of us just get poorer and poorer.

Chart: Tea Party vs. Occupywallstreet

I found this chart by @LasVegasJessica via Twitter and had to share: