Wake Up America Before Republicans turn the U.S into Another 3rd World Country!

According to Republican leaders, the game plan for the 2012 presidential election will be "Obama has made the economy worse.  Americans may have extremely short memories but have they really forgotten the 22 million jobs lost under the Bush administration, the unnecessary and unfunded war he lied us into-which we're still paying for in lives and dollars.  Or the huge Bush tax cuts which are sending this country into bankruptcy-with the exception of those lucky 1% who don't work for a living. Does this country realize all the deregulation by Bush/Cheney and the Republicans has caused bridges to collapse and mines to collapse killing 29, airlines forced to ground many of their aircraft because of neglect by the the Bush "regulators".  Do people think all the outbreaks of food poisoning are just a coincidence?  And how can anyone forget about Cheney's "secret" closed door energy policy?  The policies that eventually led to 11 deaths and the greatest oil disaster in history.  Americans who believe Republican policies are the answer to America's financial and infrastructure problems may want to move to Mexico for awhile because that's exactly where this country is headed if we continue to fall for the same old Republican song and dance of cutting taxes for the wealthy and deregulation so nothing can get in their way.  After all they fly in private jets, drive the safest most expensive cars, what do they care how much gas cost and of course they buy the best food prepared by workers who wouldn't dare serve them tainted food and risk ruining their reputation.  They are insulated from the real world.  Jeez, how many times do these Republicans, (who now  masquerade as tea partiers since Bush/Cheney turned Republican into a dirty word), have to fail before Americans tell them where to take their phony failed policies, meant only to make them and their rich cronies even richer while turning this country into the kind of 3rd world country where the GOP could treat us like they do the workers in places like Mexico, China and Haiti.  God help us if they ever get in control again.  Think before you vote and if you care about the fate of the United States of America vote Democrat.  Republicans have had enough chances and have proved they have no interest in governing.  Their only concern is making sure they and their rich buddies continue to get richer and richer while caring little that the rest of us just get poorer and poorer.

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