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Will Hatred of Obama Win Over Not So Motivated Romney Supporters?

The real question in the election of 2012 will be whether the percentage of "anybody but Obama" voters are motivated by their visceral hatred of the President to vote for candidates they may find less than ideal.  Most of these type of voters can't even give you a realistic reason for their hatred of President Obama but will that hatred propel them to vote for candidates they must hold their noses to vote for?  Months have been spent by Republican primary voters courting the Bachmans, Cains, Gingrichs, even falling for the tease of Donald Trump rather than admitting they had only one alternative to Obama: Willard Mitt Romney.  The fact that the GOP voters would even consider the others should tell you the state of the Republican voter.  They have been fed a steady diet of disinformation from all conservative media sources, especially "The Fox News Show" but also online propaganda that feeds their hatred for anything Obama, including his family.  And of course they email these lies to everyone they know or have met ( I've gotten a few).  So I guess the question is: Will hatred win the day?

2012 May Be the Year We Save the American Middle Class (or not))

I stumbled across this excellent, concise article and knew I couldn't have written what's at stake in 2012 any better. I think a great deal about the precarious situation, three decades of conservatism and dismantling of the once great middle class that enabled this country to remain the envy of the world, have changed it. Please read this and pass it on to everyone you care about and even those you don't. They probably need it even more, although I know how hard it is to get some people's head out of their ass to turn off "the Fox News Show and admit the truth.
Presidential campaign needs to get real on salvaging middle class