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Big Mike Explains Deficit Even Your Conservative Uncle Can Understand

Republicans are very good at making complex thing sounds simple. They get that most people have very little understanding of how our economy works. They use this ignorance to their advantage at every opportunity. This video breaks down the deficit issue in a way even your most conservative uncle should be able to understand.


Ten Examples of Good Journalism

In this video from Media Matters,. there are ten actual actual instances where commentators and journalists actually did their job.  What's most amazing is a couple even come from "The Fox News Show".  I wasn't surprised seeing Shepard Smith since he's the only reasonable voice on the air at Fox, however in reality these examples are few and far between.  Contrary to what conservatives love to whine, the media is far from liberal.  Most media outlets are owned by conservatives and their content generally proves that. Once in a great while however, journalists so have the integrity to bump the trend.  These should serve as an example of what all journalism should look like.


Keth Olbermann is Back

Liberals, like myself, who continue to miss Keith Olbermann can check out Keith's first appearance on the new FOK News Channel discussing how the GOP gets it's economic victims to do it's dirty work.

Breaking News: Photo Reveals Truth About President Obama!

This newly discovered photo finally reveals the truth about President Obama.  The President is actually a foreign born PIRATE!  Details of the photo, such as the rather bushy (Stalin style?) mustache, also suggest he may in fact be much older than he claims.  Also notice the crescent shaped sword he carries (most likely perfectly innocent?) while most "American" children prefer the excallaber variety.
 barack obama child kid pirate costume

As an aside; What an adorable little boy little Barak Obama was!

President Obama Claims Republicans Have No Viable Solutions for Lowering High Gas Prices

Republicans prove once again they have no real solutions to lower gas prices.  The Republican plan is composed of the same thing it's always been: "drill baby drill".  And now their also proposing we cut new clean energy by 70%. The President speaking at a town hall event in Virginia said the proposal by congress to cut clean energy by this amount would be "such a mistake".  He criticized the GOP for not offering any viable solutions.
President Obama discussed the Republican desire to gut funding for clean energy, “Some folks in Washington also want to close the deficit by gutting our investments in things like clean energy or medical research or basic science. That’s not a viable choice. America has always been the world’s engine of innovation and discovery. That’s who we are. That’s how we’ve prospered. I don’t want other countries to lead in the industries of tomorrow. I want new technologies invented here in the United States. I want new solar panels and wind turbines and fuel-efficient cars and advanced batteries all to be made right here in the United States of America. I want us to invent them right here.”

The President claimed the Republican"s plan does nothing to lower gas prices now and in the medium to long term future.  “I mean, let’s just take energy as an example. Folks are out there are dealing with gas at four bucks a gallon. It’s just another hardship, another burden, at a time when we’re just coming out of a recession and things are already pretty tight for folks. Now, whenever this happens, just like clockwork, you see politicians going in front of the cameras and they’ll say they’ve got a three-point plan for two-buck-a-gallon gas. The truth is the only real solution to helping families at the pump in the medium and the long term is clean energy.”
He continued, “That’s how we’ll save families money. That’s how we’ll reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We’ve got to develop new technologies to lessen our reliance on a fuel that is finite and that we’ve got to import from other countries, including some very unstable parts of the world. And that’s why I think that cutting clean energy investments by 70 percent — 70 percent, which has been proposed by some in Congress -– would be such a mistake.”
The Kids at "The Fox News Show" discussed the Republican plan and criticize the President as usual:

 KILMEADE: We have no control of our oil consumption — production because we choose not to. We could be self-sufficient if we wanted to. Therefore, speculators will always have a say in how much we’re paying for gas.
DOOCY: Yeah, but we could drill more oil rigs, put more oil rigs out in the gulf. We could punch some holes in the ground at ANWR–
KILMEADE: No, I know. We don’t.
DOOCY: But we don’t. Exactly right

And once again, the Republican answer according to their buds at Fox is "drill baby drill".  However, solving the problem by increased drilling is a fantasy.  Currently domestic oil drilling is at an all time high.  According to 2007 study done by the Bush administration, increased drilling would not impact the price of oil until 2030
Furthermore, the oil drilled in the U.S. belongs to the oil companies.  Shell and Chevron are going to sell that oil to whomever offers to pay the highest price.

The only short term answer to combat high oil prices is to end oil speculators on Wall Street determining cost of gas in this country.  Long term solutions will require more not less investment in clean energy production.  And a renewed interest in science and technology as well as research and development is the only way our great country can lead the world in innovation once again and into a better future for all of us.

Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority Opposed to Medicare Cuts

Two new polls have come out recently showing what Progressives have long been claiming. The American people are far more liberal than their elected officials and great majority of us are opposed to cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.  Republicans, during the health care debate, claimed they were listening to "the will of the people" by opposing the Affordable Care Act.  A Democratic majority and a Democratic president were overwhelming voted into office on a promise to enact universal health care.  Now when 80% of us do not want cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Republicans want to get rid of them altogether. Republicans aren't listening to the "will of the people"; they are listening to the will of their fat cat Wall Street donors.
From The Political Carnival :

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll finds 51% of Americans think marriages between lesbian and gay couples should be legal, while 47% said the marriages should not be recognized

A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds Americans heavily opposed to cuts in Medicare, the government health program for the elderly, or Medicaid, the program for the poor. Voters oppose cuts to those programs by 80% to 18%. Even among conservatives, just 29% supported cuts, and 68% opposed them.


Midnight Snack-Charlie Chaplin "Smile" sung by Micheal Jackson

Sharon Angle Sings to Very Small Teabagger Audience

Poor Sharon Angle.  One minute she's in a tight race to defeat the most powerful person in the United States Senate, and the next, she's singing (badly) to a small crowd of about 100 teabagger stragglers. It doesn't seem that long ago that Ms.Angle really looked like she might defeat longtime Democratic Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid.  In those days the media chased her, trying at times vainly, to get any response to their questions. Her presence promised national attention and drew thousands of voters.  Times have certainly changed. Yesterday, tax day, Sharon Angle barely managed to hold an estimate of one hundred people's attention as she warbled through "God Bless the USA".  Would someone please tell Sharon Angle?: Enough already.
Check out Sharon Angle singing:

BTW, When is the MSM going to stop drooling over the so-called "Tea Party"?  There is no Tea Party and even if there was some type of grass roots movement that was quickly taken over by Big Special Interests (like the Koch Brothers), it is too small to deserve the kind of attention it gets now.  The Labor movement garners hundreds of thousands of protesters, week after week, all across the country and the MSM barely notices but gather a group of twelve and call it a "tea party" and you'll get thirteen members of the media. The MSM (yes you CNN) is a joke!

Maddow Asks Why the GOP Hates the U.S. Post Office/Video Link
Rachel Maddow asks why Republicans hate the Post Office so much. After all, its effecient, well liked and costs this country nothing in tax revenue.  Maybe that's exactly why.



Sarah Palin's Screeches Can't Be Heard Over Boos in Madison,WI

In an earlier post, I told you about the cold reception given to Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart and a band of Teabaggers.  The excellent blog Political Carnival has a great followup about the event here:  Sarah Palin's screeching about "union thugs" (there have been hundreds of thousands of protesters and no incidents of arrest) can't be heard above the boos of the counter-protesters in this video of the rally.