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Sharon Angle Sings to Very Small Teabagger Audience

Poor Sharon Angle.  One minute she's in a tight race to defeat the most powerful person in the United States Senate, and the next, she's singing (badly) to a small crowd of about 100 teabagger stragglers. It doesn't seem that long ago that Ms.Angle really looked like she might defeat longtime Democratic Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid.  In those days the media chased her, trying at times vainly, to get any response to their questions. Her presence promised national attention and drew thousands of voters.  Times have certainly changed. Yesterday, tax day, Sharon Angle barely managed to hold an estimate of one hundred people's attention as she warbled through "God Bless the USA".  Would someone please tell Sharon Angle?: Enough already.
Check out Sharon Angle singing:

BTW, When is the MSM going to stop drooling over the so-called "Tea Party"?  There is no Tea Party and even if there was some type of grass roots movement that was quickly taken over by Big Special Interests (like the Koch Brothers), it is too small to deserve the kind of attention it gets now.  The Labor movement garners hundreds of thousands of protesters, week after week, all across the country and the MSM barely notices but gather a group of twelve and call it a "tea party" and you'll get thirteen members of the media. The MSM (yes you CNN) is a joke!

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