President Obama Claims Republicans Have No Viable Solutions for Lowering High Gas Prices

Republicans prove once again they have no real solutions to lower gas prices.  The Republican plan is composed of the same thing it's always been: "drill baby drill".  And now their also proposing we cut new clean energy by 70%. The President speaking at a town hall event in Virginia said the proposal by congress to cut clean energy by this amount would be "such a mistake".  He criticized the GOP for not offering any viable solutions.
President Obama discussed the Republican desire to gut funding for clean energy, “Some folks in Washington also want to close the deficit by gutting our investments in things like clean energy or medical research or basic science. That’s not a viable choice. America has always been the world’s engine of innovation and discovery. That’s who we are. That’s how we’ve prospered. I don’t want other countries to lead in the industries of tomorrow. I want new technologies invented here in the United States. I want new solar panels and wind turbines and fuel-efficient cars and advanced batteries all to be made right here in the United States of America. I want us to invent them right here.”

The President claimed the Republican"s plan does nothing to lower gas prices now and in the medium to long term future.  “I mean, let’s just take energy as an example. Folks are out there are dealing with gas at four bucks a gallon. It’s just another hardship, another burden, at a time when we’re just coming out of a recession and things are already pretty tight for folks. Now, whenever this happens, just like clockwork, you see politicians going in front of the cameras and they’ll say they’ve got a three-point plan for two-buck-a-gallon gas. The truth is the only real solution to helping families at the pump in the medium and the long term is clean energy.”
He continued, “That’s how we’ll save families money. That’s how we’ll reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We’ve got to develop new technologies to lessen our reliance on a fuel that is finite and that we’ve got to import from other countries, including some very unstable parts of the world. And that’s why I think that cutting clean energy investments by 70 percent — 70 percent, which has been proposed by some in Congress -– would be such a mistake.”
The Kids at "The Fox News Show" discussed the Republican plan and criticize the President as usual:

 KILMEADE: We have no control of our oil consumption — production because we choose not to. We could be self-sufficient if we wanted to. Therefore, speculators will always have a say in how much we’re paying for gas.
DOOCY: Yeah, but we could drill more oil rigs, put more oil rigs out in the gulf. We could punch some holes in the ground at ANWR–
KILMEADE: No, I know. We don’t.
DOOCY: But we don’t. Exactly right

And once again, the Republican answer according to their buds at Fox is "drill baby drill".  However, solving the problem by increased drilling is a fantasy.  Currently domestic oil drilling is at an all time high.  According to 2007 study done by the Bush administration, increased drilling would not impact the price of oil until 2030
Furthermore, the oil drilled in the U.S. belongs to the oil companies.  Shell and Chevron are going to sell that oil to whomever offers to pay the highest price.

The only short term answer to combat high oil prices is to end oil speculators on Wall Street determining cost of gas in this country.  Long term solutions will require more not less investment in clean energy production.  And a renewed interest in science and technology as well as research and development is the only way our great country can lead the world in innovation once again and into a better future for all of us.

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