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Video: Just Another Day of Lying on "The Fox News Show"

Once again "The Fox News Show" feeds it's extremely gullible audience a giant plate of crap garnished with it's paid "experts" and spoon fed to the fools by one of the biggest dummies ever on teevee land (the rest of the teevee dummies can also be seen on "The Fox News Show".  As the anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act nears (PPAHCA), the dummies will make sure you haven't forgotten how "evil" and unAmerican this whole "Obamacare" is.  "The Fox News Show" threw facts out the door a long time ago.  Watch:


Are You Kidding "Newt Gringrich"????

Come on people.  The eighties are over.  Have we learned nothing in thirty years? Or are you unable to stop banging your head against the wall and expecting a different result?  Perhaps you should start a Newt Gingrich Anonymous 12 step program? Perhaps you want to live in a third world country because you are part of the haves and would like it    Otherwise if you are part of the 99.99999%of the rest of us how you can't possibly fall for one of the most conniving men ever in politics.
Unless you weren't political aware yet, anything coning out of Newts mouth has been around since the Willie Horton adds.

Video: Santorum Claims Prenatel Care Leads to More Abortions

This interview of Rick Santorum by Bob Sheiffer is so full of misinformation and "lies" I won't even name them all.. They are that obvious.  Santorum claims 90% of fetus found to carry Downs Syndrome are aborted (lie).  I only wonder why Mr. Scheiffer didn't question his sources.  Didn't Sarah Palin have amnio?  I have at least 4 friends who after having amnio decided to continue their pregnancy and have the baby.   Furthermore, I must  address the reasons 3rd trimester abortions are performed.  They are extremely rare and are only done when the fetus meets very strict critiria.  Many are fetus who will die an extremely painful death shortly after being born, some are born with no brain stem, some endanger both the mother and the fetus's life if born. These are just many of the horrible circumstances women confront when having to make this difficult decision.  I wonder if Mr. Santorum would have allowed his wife and mother of his other 5 children to die if forced to make such a horrible choice?

Video: Dana Loesch Believes Woman Don't Care Who or What Someone Sticks in our Bodies

 I guess Ms. Loesch believes ANYBODY can stick ANYTHING inside our bodies and we're happy=I guess she believes that's all we want.  I've had this procedure and it does feel like being raped.  I have never forgotten it.


These examples of "The Fox News Show" lies continue and Fox has never offered a retractions.  These lies come straight from right wing web sights or their "news sources".  For further insight,  I would suggest reading David Brocks Blinded by the Right".  David Brock is a former insider who now runs  Brock was not just "an insider" but was deeply involved with the right wing- even so far as writing a scathing and misleading book on Anita Hill.  He as since apologized for failing to even research her story ( something the right wing does not do or purposely leaves out).  Although originally kept at arms length, he has proven himself "enlightened" and to be trusted.  My whole point is how, after leaving the right wing, Brock was astonished at having fact checkers at non right wing publications.  According to David Brock the Right wing including such "reputable" publications as "The National Review' do not rely on fact checking but use such disreputable sources such as "The Drudge Report" (although do on occasion use fact checking in order to remain in good standing as a conservative media outlet.
Finally in case you missed or have forgotten Jon Stewart's show displaying all the lies which have appeared on "The Fox News Show":