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Stop The Madness! We're Being Pushed Around by Lunatics

Someone please stop this madness.  The most powerful nation in the world is being held hostage by a group of crazy ideologues who include women hating morons like Steve King (R-Iowa), deadbeat dads like Joe Walsh (R), Michelle Bachman who truly believes she was kidnapped by lesbians in a San Franscico, Allen West (R-FL) who sent out an email to fellow Congressman calling DNC Chairwoman and fellow Floridian, ...vile and despicable.... not a lady..., because she had the audacity to call out West for voting to cut Medicare and Social Security and who has claimed in the past to have a higher security clearance than the President of the United States (I could write a whole book on this guys lunacy).  And than we have fellow teabagger Louie Gohmert (R-TX) who claimed women were giving birth to babies in the U.S. for the purpose of raising them as terrorists.  These are just of few of the lunatics the national media and establishment Republicans have legitimized by not calling them out every time for all their anti American antics.  This is not bickering between those on the left and those on the right.  This is about allowing a few moronic lunatic teabaggers to force this country into the have and have not country they've always wanted.

Video: Crazy Teabagger Republican Steven King Compares DODT to Debt Ceiling

Crazy Tea Bagger Republican Congressman Steven King of Iowa appeared on Hardball today with Chris Matthews and stunningly compared raising the debt ceiling with opinions given made by military leaders on "Don't ask Don't Tell" during Congressional hearings. Congressman King, downplayed the disaster which sane political leaders have predicted certainly would occur according to experts from everyone in economics to the Better Business Bureau.  King laughingly compared his own "expertise" to the fact that he has talked to those who agree with his crazy ideology to the fact that he's raised a family. Obviously, he gets most of his "expertise" from brainiacs like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Watch:


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I started greenpistachioicecream out of frustration and a feeling of powerlessness.  I like millions of other Americans feel helpless as we continue to watch Washington do nothing about the very real problems average citizens face every day.  Some, like myself often wonder when the other shoe will drop and I will be left with a country I no longer recognize the country I grew up loving.  I once had faith our country would continue to be the greatest, most free, in the world.  I knew we were never perfect but I believed America would continue on a path in the pursuit of perfection even if we could never completely achieve it. Now, we seem to be controlled by a small gang of people who claim to love America but do nothing but try to destroy everything that has made us great.  I am attempting to do my part by writing this blog, and even if only 500 people ever read it, that's more than I would be doing just watching my country being destroyed and doing nothing.  If you agree with the message I try to spread to other frustrated, discouraged Americans, please help me continue to have the resources to continue.  Any amount would help. And even if you are unable to contribute thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  Thank you very much for your time and support.

News of the Worlds Rebekah Brooks Tracks Phone of Mother of Another Murdered Girl

New allegations are being targeted against Rebekah Brooks, former Chief Executive of Ruperts Murdochs's now defunct News of the World tabloid.  According to sources from London's rival tabloid, The Guardian,  Brooks" befriended the mother of a murderd 8 year old girl, Sarah Paine.  Paine's mother, also named Sarah, claimed Rebekah even provided her with a cell phone in order to stay updated on the police investigation and perhaps so Rebeka in the process could console her in order to obtain personal information to use in her tabloid, (News of the World).  During the recent hearing before parliament, Sarah Paine (the mother) testified in defense of Brooks for her work on behalf of her daughter's murder.  Now it seems the cell phone given Ms.Pain was being tracked by "News of the World" allegedly under the direction of former Chief Executive Editor Rebekah Brooks.  Just when the Murdoch empire expected a break from these type of allegations, at least during the Summer break, now this. .Good luck with that vacation/holiday Murdoch.  


Midnight Snack Video: Schoolhouse Rock "How a Bill Becomes a Law"

I dedicate this video to all Teabaggers who never payed attention in Government class anyway:


In this interview with CNN's Candy Crowley Tim zzzzzz Pawlently accuses President Obama of starting off his presidency with a 500 billion dollar deficit and turning it into a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit.  Crowley to her credit does bring up the two wars and the prescription drug plan Obama inherited. but fails to mention those two wars, the prescription drug plan and a 700 billion dollar tax break were never paid for; they were included in a SUPPLIMENTAL  BUDGET which President Obama made the desision to include in our national budget.  Why is it the MSM never mentions this important fact.  Obama has reduced the deficit every year since he was forced to include a 800 billion dollar stimulus plan to our budget in order to save this country from the complete financial breakdown caused by President Bush's complete failure (in everything he did).  If this country has such a "spending problem" it hasn't been done by our current President..I would like to know one area where our President has been spending all this money I keep hearing these Republicans talking about and I want to see it backed up by the numbers.  This country DOES NOT HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA.  IT DOES HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM and REPUBLICANS ARE DETERMINED TO IT MAKE WORSE.
Watch this disgusting interview Pawlenty gave to Crowley in which he calls the President a "chicken".  The same President who unlike the President Pawlenty supported brought the most dangerous terrorist to justice and didn't hesitate to shoot those Somali pirates.  I guess Pawlenty is so desperate to sound tough he's resorted to the same low down tactics we've come to expect from those like Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich or the rest of the loons running on the GOP ticket.

"As important as the debt ceiling is, the other issues of whether we're going to fix the spending problems of the country also deserve attention, and if not now, when?" Pawlenty told CNN's Candy Crowley. "He's ducking, he's bobbing, he's weaving, he's not leading leading, and that's not the kind of president we need. And that's why he needs to be removed from office."
"We should say that apparently with Speaker Boehner, he has talked about some of these reforms," Crowley noted.
"In hiding," Pawlenty interrupted. "If you're the leader of the of the free world, would you please come to the microphone and quit hiding in the basement about your proposals and come on up and address the American people? Is he chicken?"
"Is he?" Crowley pressed.
"I love Paul Ryan, but we should not have to have a congressman from Wisconsin leading the debate on the nation's financial challenges in one of the most historically moments in the country's history. The president should be standing out courageously and leading on these issues specifically, and you can't find him," Pawlenty said. "If we wanted to do it in private, we can go down to the VFW basement. I can go have a beer with my neighbor over that. He's the president. Come on out of the basement and come out to the lawn of the White House to the microphone and tell us your plan on entitlement reform and he won't do it because he doesn't have the courage to do it."
For further comment on  Pawlenty's remarks to Candy Crowley

Video: Keith Olbermann's Worst Person In The World Starring Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly

For those of you who miss Countdown with Keith Olbermann, I give you yesterday's "Worst Person In The World" starring Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and brought to you by Al Gore's new channel Current T.V.  If you haven't been able to catch it yet, just google Current TV and get all the times and listings.  Now here's Keith and his "Worst Person In The World" via Current TV:

Did President Obama Learn the Wrong Lessons from Health Care Reform?

Revival:The Struggle for Survival inside the Obama Whitehouse,  Richard Wolfe's recently released assessment of the inner workings in President Barak Obama's first two years in the White House, confirmed what myself and other Progressives have always suspected. It also implies Obama has never understood that passage of the health care reform bill was no referendum on the bills popularity. Wolfe describes a White House "fracture" involving "survivalists lead by Rham Emanuel, and "revivalists" such as Valerie Jarret. Survivalists pushed for compromise, while revivalists stood by ideals expressed in the election campaign. None of this was surprising, but I find it alarming that the President has apparently learned the wrong lessons from failures in these first two years. Most alarming is Wolfe's description of an administration which viewed it's ability to pass health care reform as a comeback following a stunning Democratic loss in Massachusetts which gave the senate seat left open by the death of  lifetime universal health care proponent and liberal lion, Edward Kennedy, to Republican Scott Brown.  Brown defeated the state's Democratic Attorney General, Martha Coakley.  Does the White House really believe the passage of health care reform after this Democratic defeat was more than it was perceived by Progressives? Is it their contention that passage of a health care bill reflected an unexpected comeback by the President, and do they really fail to see how poorly it's passage was actually perceived?  Yes, Progressives rallied around the bill that was finally passed; But we did so based on promises like the ones that got a yes vote out of Dennis Kucinich. Promises that Democrats would build on this reform and eventually come away with a strong public option. Promises which had to be made because Democrats had compromised so much, they initially lost the support of those House Progressives who had insisted on some form of a public option or Medicare buy in.  They were now forced to convince the biggest proponents of health care reform to vote yes on a version which lacked both.  The health care reform bill that passed wasn't popular with Americans; polls have shown Americans wanted greater reform. As a result, it's passage was not the result of it's, or it's creators, overwhelming popularity. The final bill, The Affordable Care Act, was only passed through reconciliation and it in it's final form, was basically Bob Dole's Republican health care overhaul circa 1996.  Passing it was no big comeback by President Obama: It was more like settling for what little his administration had to offer after many Democratic concessions.  The President continues, not only to be a poor judge of his Republican opponents, he continues to misread public sentiment if he doesn't understand the lessons of the health care reform battles.  If he continues to listen to the survivalists who seem too willing to compromise, rather than the revivalists who believe in the ideals that made Progressives proud to elect him, President Obama will only have himself to blame when another angry electorate throw him and the rest of the Democrats out in 2012. If the 2010 mid-term elections crop of Republicans is any indication, God help this country if they do.

What Would You Do If the Michelle Bachman Teabagger Cult Actually Win in 2012?

Teabaggers such as Michelle Bachman, Louie Gohmert, Steve King and Joe Walsh have no intentionof raising the debt ceiling.  Their sole purpose is to create a worldwide calamity.  This is when we are all in more than economic trouble.  This has always been their plan.  Anyone who's payed any attention to The Fox News Show" talk show hosts such has Glenn Beck have been predicting worldwide chaos and have done everything in their power to make sure it happens.  Pray for President Obama to avert this catastrophe.  Howerever what if the next president isn't Obama? What if Michelle Bachman is the next American President???
The civil liberties of Liberals, Gays and lesbians (LGBT), artists, Muslims, Jews, those of color, the poor or anyone who disagrees with the teabagger far right agenda of Michelle Bachman, are in serious jeopardy.  With the exception of those tokens, used for appearances only, such as Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Alberto Gonzalez, Micheal Steele or the phony Democrats paraded on "The Fox News Show", the type of government Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Allen West, Scott Walker and those powerful billionaires the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch and the other less than .1%  who finance it, has been seen before and has always resulted in millions of deaths and imprisonments, I guarentee a government lead by these people's ideas are what would definetly qualify as a form of  Fascism (please look it up, google it or for a thorough history of how it is obtained try The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich)  It will not include those it considers "unAmerican" (as Bachman has referred to those who disagree with her)  It will happen here if we do not fight it with everything we've got. Nothing is more important. If these few who care nothing about this country but love to tell you how much they do (to fool you) succeed. Our chants of   U.S.A, U.S.A U.S A. will be nothing more than a resemblance of the Germans chants of Heir Hitler, Heir Hitler..

I would like to ask my readers ( as minuscule amount as they may have): 

What would you do if Michelle Bachman & Co. actually gained majority control of our country (this United States of America)?
Please answer honestly in the comments section bellow.  I will give you my own answer in my next post.  Thank you in advance for your bravery in even considering this possibility! Keep in mind who has control of the so-called "football" as well as makes her Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces.

Teabagger Wants to LOWER the Debt Ceiling???

The "Tea Party Caucus" of the Republican Party proved beyond a doubt, it hasn't a clue what a debt ceiling is. On Andrea Mitchell Reports today, Paul Broun (R-GA) announced he has introduced a bill to lower the debt ceiling! Andrea Mitchell asked him if he understood that the debt ceiling  needed to be raised to pay for expenditures already incurred by previous congresses (like maybe the last Republican Congress under that deadbeat spendoholic George W. Bush).  Isn't attempting to lower a debt ceiling like trying to lower the bill you just incurred over the fancy dinner, you've just enjoyed, complete with a few bottles of Don Perigon.


Why Do Americans Keep Coming Back For More Republican Lies

Please read this post in "A World of Progress" by Vertigo. I only wish I had written it. It captures almost everything I've been thinking for a long time especially in these last couple of years. Why are most of our fellow citizens so easily manipulated by the simple messages given to them by the very same people who have screwed them over and over again?  If your brother -in-law continued to borrow money, each time promising to pay you back (with interest), yet each time he never pays back a dime, would you willingly hand him over an even bigger "loan". Of course not. Than why do we fall for the same song and dance the Republicans have been performing for 30 years. Supply Side Economics, Trickle Down, Lasiez fair-Cut taxes on the rich and it will all come back to us. Santa Claus is real and rich people just love to give their money away in order to help the economy. We have wasted 30 years believing a lie meant only to put more money in fortunate peoples pocket.
A World of Progress does an excellent job capturing how some politicians have been doing some very fat cats bidding for decades at the expense of American greatness.

I urge you to please read this article. It is right on the mark!
Vertigo | A World of Progress