What Would You Do If the Michelle Bachman Teabagger Cult Actually Win in 2012?

Teabaggers such as Michelle Bachman, Louie Gohmert, Steve King and Joe Walsh have no intentionof raising the debt ceiling.  Their sole purpose is to create a worldwide calamity.  This is when we are all in more than economic trouble.  This has always been their plan.  Anyone who's payed any attention to The Fox News Show" talk show hosts such has Glenn Beck have been predicting worldwide chaos and have done everything in their power to make sure it happens.  Pray for President Obama to avert this catastrophe.  Howerever what if the next president isn't Obama? What if Michelle Bachman is the next American President???
The civil liberties of Liberals, Gays and lesbians (LGBT), artists, Muslims, Jews, those of color, the poor or anyone who disagrees with the teabagger far right agenda of Michelle Bachman, are in serious jeopardy.  With the exception of those tokens, used for appearances only, such as Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Alberto Gonzalez, Micheal Steele or the phony Democrats paraded on "The Fox News Show", the type of government Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Allen West, Scott Walker and those powerful billionaires the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch and the other less than .1%  who finance it, has been seen before and has always resulted in millions of deaths and imprisonments, I guarentee a government lead by these people's ideas are what would definetly qualify as a form of  Fascism (please look it up, google it or for a thorough history of how it is obtained try The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich)  It will not include those it considers "unAmerican" (as Bachman has referred to those who disagree with her)  It will happen here if we do not fight it with everything we've got. Nothing is more important. If these few who care nothing about this country but love to tell you how much they do (to fool you) succeed. Our chants of   U.S.A, U.S.A U.S A. will be nothing more than a resemblance of the Germans chants of Heir Hitler, Heir Hitler..

I would like to ask my readers ( as minuscule amount as they may have): 

What would you do if Michelle Bachman & Co. actually gained majority control of our country (this United States of America)?
Please answer honestly in the comments section bellow.  I will give you my own answer in my next post.  Thank you in advance for your bravery in even considering this possibility! Keep in mind who has control of the so-called "football" as well as makes her Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces.

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