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Anne Coulter Makes Fool of Herself Pretending She Understands Economics

Why in the hell is Anne Coulter even invited on Sunday Morning News Talk Shows experts are invited on to discuss important current events and political issues?  Ms Coulter is notorious for the many outrageous, evil, racist  remarks she more than occasionally decides to pull out of her bony little ass.  During this particular show, little Annie makes a total fool of herself by trying to give an exceptionally distorted history of Keynesian economics.  My favorite part is Elliot Spitzter kindly explaining to Coulter "your story would be nice if true, but it's not".   Spitzer then left her speechless as he gave a correct explanation of Keynesian economics.  If poor Ann wasn't emotionless she might have cried.  The only thing Anne Coulter knows is how to be is crude, rude and socially unacceptable.  Oh and wrong about everything.

Watch the fun: