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Could Republicans/Conservatives be Insane?

Yesterday, Speaker of the House John Boehner gave what was suppose to be the Republican "jobs plan".  Boehner regurgitated the same old "trickle down" deregulation garbage Republicans began spouting religiously since Ronald Reagan brought it back from the trash heap of failed Republican policies.  Bush Jr. put this "plan" in overdrive and gave us the worst economy since the Great Depression and lost 22 million jobs in the process.  Furthermore, Boehner spent most of the time deriding President Obama's real plan for putting people back to work and bringing financial relief to middle class families who have suffered the most under Republican "leadership".  When the Speaker finished lambasting the President's plan, all he offered from Republicans were the same failed ideas that almost ruined this country in every way possible.  Deregulation is what caused the financial collapse, yet the GOP still thinks Wall Street if left alone will police itself???  Cutting taxes on the wealthy and large corporations has been tried time and again and has done nothing but make the rich richer while devastating the middle class. Boehner's "plan" has not only created no new jobs but has in effect caused this country to lose millions of them. Come on people, Boehner's "jobs plan" are the same failed policies George W. Bush & co. stole from previous Republican regimes.  In effect, if the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, then Republicans fit the definition of insane.  It's time Americans stop falling for them and the politicians who espouse them.  Stop the insanity and tell your Congressman to Pass the President's Job Plan.
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Eugene Robinson Tells The Truth About the GOP's Reaction to President's Speech

Washington Post's Eugene Robinson tells it like it was during the President's speech to Congress and the American people. Republicans will never even consider spending on anything but the military. Boehner, Cantor, know they have to at least appear not to be the "just say no" party they are in reality. Helping those who need jobs might make the President look good. And they'll have none of that even if it means taking the majority of the country down with him. These Republicans may claim to love America and they're the first ones to brag about their patriotism yet they're the most unpatriotic people in the country. Please check Robinson's excellent commentary on this at the link below:
The GOPs Tunnel Vision | Truthout

Judge Rebukes Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh For Missing Child Support Hearing: ‘He’s No Different Than Anyone Else’ | ThinkProgress

A Must Read for anyone sick of this guy who's nothing but another teabagger phony!
Judge Rebukes Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh For Missing Child Support Hearing: ‘He’s No Different Than Anyone Else’ | ThinkProgress

Video: "The Fox New's Show" Trotta Questions Obama's Sanity!

The same channel that allowed Glenn Beck free reign to spread an abundance of insane conspiracy theories and the same channel that continually allows crackpots like Pamela Gellar and David Horowitz among many to promote their insanity on what they claim is a legitimate news channel (lol) now have the audacity to question the Presidents sanity. Watch Trotta on "The Fox News Show" question whether Obama'a Job's Plan questions the President's sanity:


Video: In Remembrance of The World Trade Center Towers/A Montage of New York City Movies

In a movie, set in New York City, the World Trade Center always found it's a way into the skyline.  The sight of  that city's most famous skyscrapers, like a shot of the Statue of Liberty, left no doubt: This is New York City.  Watch this montage of scenes from just a few of Hollywood's most popular movies set in The Big Apple :

Twin Tower Cameos from Dan Meth on Vimeo.