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Palin, Breitbart and Teabaggers Get Cold Reception in Madison

I'm not sure what Sarah Palin and Andrew Breitbart were thinking when they decided they'd appear at a Tea Party rally in Wisconsin's state capital, Madison.  Did they think the place where millions of Union Workers have protested would be hospitable to their anti -"Obamacare" and anti-Democratic message?  I guess Palin didn't see the people chanting "Fox lies" on the "Fox News Show" reports from WI.  Breitbart and his band of Teabaggers must have quickly forgotten their last dismal showing in Madison.  Of course people who write answers to an easy interview on their hands, get caught lying over and over again or wear tea bags hanging from their hats are not people who get embarrassed very easily.
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Midnight Snack Classic Looney Tunes "Pigs in a Polka" 1943

After an introduction by the wolf, the plot follows closely to the story of the three little pigs. The first pig erects a wire structure, then quickly bushels hay over the structure for the house. The second pig uses hundreds of matches to make up his house. The third pig goes through the tedious task of laying bricks for his house.

After the first two pigs have quickly finished their houses, they start dancing around and laughing with each other. The wolf dresses as a gypsy and temporarily fools the pigs, but soon drops the disguise and chases them to their respective houses. With the straw house, the wolf uses a lit match to burn the house, and with the match house, he drops a solitary match on the roof, causing the house to collapse.

Once the first two pigs join the third pig in his brick house, the wolf again dresses up - this time as a homeless woman playing a violin, while it's snowing outside (the 'snow' actually talcum powder held above the wolf's head on a stick). The first two pigs have pity on the wolf, and despite the third pig blocking the door, the two other pigs let the wolf in. When the wolf continues to play the violin, the third pig sees that the wolf has a record player hidden behind him. The third pig switches to the other side of the record, putting on a fast-paced dance. The wolf dances to this new tune, but loses his costume as a result. The wolf then chases the pigs up to the second floor of the house. The pigs make their escape in an elevator, but when the wolf tries to use the elevator, he drops into an empty shaft and falls at the feet of the pigs.


Republicans Whine Over President's Budget Speech

Democrats may have been happy but apparently, Republican leader"s wittle fee-fees were hurt by the Presidents speech yesterday.  Charles Krauthammer whined on "The Fox News Show" over Obama's dissing of Republican pretty boy Paul Ryan (have you seen his work out?).  GOP leaders Boehner, Cantor, Hanserling, Ryan and Pence all gathered after hearing the speech  and complained to reporters about what they perceived to be his "hyper-partisanship" (Yes, these are the same guys who threatened a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood!).  For a complete transcript of President Obama's speech:


Midnight Snack - Abbott and Costello "Who's on First"

Time to Stop Candy-Coating It: Birtherism Is Racism

Time to Stop Candy-Coating It: Birtherism Is Racism

VIDEO: Why 30,000 People Are Fasting; “The budget is immoral.”

VIDEO: Why 30,000 People Are Fasting; “The budget is immoral.”

Republicans Break ANOTHER Promise

Whatever happened to "read the bill"?  The GOP promised to wait at least 72 hours  before voting on a bill.  As Minority Leader, Boehner said 72 hours online posting was needed to read the bill and inform the public about legislation. However now the budget deal is set to be voted on less than 36 hours after posting it online. This will be the third time Republicans have waived their 72 hour rule on a piece of major legislation.  They waited less than 40 hours before voting to defund NPR and two weeks later waived the rule before voting on the Government Shutdown Prevention bill.  These have all been radical pieces of legislation and the public deserved more time to fully understand exactly what they were proposing.  And then they certainly needed further discussion.  However, Republicans have decided that playing politics and getting their way are more important than any promises they may have made to get into office. This won't be the last promise they break.  For more...


Midnight Snack - Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin On"

An excerpt from the recently released DVD of some of Marvin's greatest live performances on TV and film, "Real Thing: In Performance 1964-1981," This live performance comes from the long out-of-circulation 1973 film, "Save The Children" with James Jamerson on bass.



Republicans are wrong.  This country gave them 8 years to prove themselves and they lied us into war and brought us to the brink of economic ruin. Who knows how long we'll be cleaning up their mess.  Liberals weren't only right about a wrong war. Liberals were right about a wrong economic policy.   Why aren't Democrats screaming this?   Republicans say they are "Tea Partiers" now and, of course, they never supported George Bush. Their leaders tell us they "they made mistakes",  yet they support the same economic policies.

The GOP had one big drunken party, which only ended when they were forced to beg Mommy and Daddy for money to bail them out of debt!

The movie "Bachelor Party" perfectly encapsulates the Bush years. One big drunken party that no one claims to remember .  Not only are these the same policies but they are endorsed by the Heritage Foundation, the exact same group who gave such rosy predictions about the Bush Tax Cuts.  Republicans are trying desperately to save face.  What excuse does everyone else have?

Running this country is not a game.  Real people's lives are affected.  Real peoples lives are sometimes even at stake. Democrats need to shout it loud and shout it often:  REPUBLICANS ARE WRONG!

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