Republicans are wrong.  This country gave them 8 years to prove themselves and they lied us into war and brought us to the brink of economic ruin. Who knows how long we'll be cleaning up their mess.  Liberals weren't only right about a wrong war. Liberals were right about a wrong economic policy.   Why aren't Democrats screaming this?   Republicans say they are "Tea Partiers" now and, of course, they never supported George Bush. Their leaders tell us they "they made mistakes",  yet they support the same economic policies.

The GOP had one big drunken party, which only ended when they were forced to beg Mommy and Daddy for money to bail them out of debt!

The movie "Bachelor Party" perfectly encapsulates the Bush years. One big drunken party that no one claims to remember .  Not only are these the same policies but they are endorsed by the Heritage Foundation, the exact same group who gave such rosy predictions about the Bush Tax Cuts.  Republicans are trying desperately to save face.  What excuse does everyone else have?

Running this country is not a game.  Real people's lives are affected.  Real peoples lives are sometimes even at stake. Democrats need to shout it loud and shout it often:  REPUBLICANS ARE WRONG!

For more on how Republicans are wrong read: http://firedoglake.com/2011/04/10/the-big-lacuna/  

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