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Republicans Break ANOTHER Promise

Whatever happened to "read the bill"?  The GOP promised to wait at least 72 hours  before voting on a bill.  As Minority Leader, Boehner said 72 hours online posting was needed to read the bill and inform the public about legislation. However now the budget deal is set to be voted on less than 36 hours after posting it online. This will be the third time Republicans have waived their 72 hour rule on a piece of major legislation.  They waited less than 40 hours before voting to defund NPR and two weeks later waived the rule before voting on the Government Shutdown Prevention bill.  These have all been radical pieces of legislation and the public deserved more time to fully understand exactly what they were proposing.  And then they certainly needed further discussion.  However, Republicans have decided that playing politics and getting their way are more important than any promises they may have made to get into office. This won't be the last promise they break.  For more...

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