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Rush Limbaugh Only Proves How the Right Wing Media Spread Their Lie

What Rush Limbaugh did to a an innocent college student is an extreme but not solitary example in the bizarro  world of the right wing media.  Up is down and down is up.  Facts and reality do not exist.  Limbaugh spouted his latest, but in my opinion crudest, misogynistic crap without getting anything but Sandra Fluke's name correct. The conservative movement's obsession with sex and hatred of strong women would probably take a book or college thesis to even begin to understand.  Fluke testified in front of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) because Darrell Issa (R-CA) decided she was "not qualified" to testify in front his full Judiciary committee with all those men.  Ms. Fluke, a graduate student at Georgetown University's prestigious law school"s, testimony had absolutely nothing to do with her own need for birth control nor anything to do with her own sexual prolictivities (although, that would not change my disgust with Limbaugh).  Her testimony was based on experiences she had personally witnessed when her friends were in need of birth control solely for medical reasons, and the terrible repercussions which ensued when they were denied coverage.  For Sandra Flukes full testimony see here   Rush Limbaugh explained he got this misinformation from a right wing blog.  Which [being erroneous] is more common than uncommon to right wing blogs.  Personally, I believe they just make shit up.  Second did Limbaugh bother to have anyone check (most right wing media skip the whole fact check thing) her testimony (see David Brock's Blinded by the Right and for laughs but truth Al Frank's Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot)  It took me two seconds to find her testimony on Google.  Furthermore, Limbaugh didn't even understand how the pill works.  Most likely he just assumed it works like his Viagra and unless Limbaugh shoots blanks since he's been married 4 times and had no children, someone's been using birth control.  His ignorance would be hillarious if he wasn't attempting so vicously to hurt an innocent woman using that same first amendment Rush Limbaugh uses everyday to spread his lies and hate.


The GOP Debates Showed America the Truth about Republicans

Is anyone who thinks (meaning liberals) really surprised by the catastrophe that is the GOP primary race for president.  In congressional races not nearly as much attention is paid.  And most people hardly know who there Governor or Senators currently is much less who's running in those election.  But when those candidates stood on those stages for 20 loooooong debates, we all got to know what the Republican party represents.  Those creatures on stage were not some sort of anomaly.  They were exactly what the party sounds like.  Even their conservative crowds helped America learn what the GOP really thinks like.  And the only answer, those not already a member of their tribe, could conceivably garner from the whole mess was:  Republicans are mean.  Republicans are liars.  Republicans love killing.  Republicans will do anything for a buck (including destroy the earth).  Republicans are not Christian, Muslim, Jewish nor any other religion (which most I suspect do) which cares for their fellow man.  Americans  learned a great deal from all those debates and although we may not have learned a particular candidates stand on the issues.   In the end what we did feel, I feel is much more valuable.