Video: Chris O'Donnell on How Republicans Were Out Smarted By the President

All of us on the left should have kept in mind President Obama's decisive leadership when he overruled some of his advisers, who felt the stakes were too high and the outcome too uncertain, and made the decision to finally bring to justice the worlds most wanted terrorist Osama Ben Laden.  Maybe we have misjudged the President in many respects all along.  The Last Word's Lawrence O'Donnell explains how Obama's cool but calculated demeanor is exactly what makes him a great President:

Chris O'Donnell has not always been one of my favorite political talk show hosts.  Yet at a time when political pundits pretend to be experts on any given political subject and love to pontificate about and predict over issues they know as much about as the average guy on the street, O'Donnell's real life experience as Chief of Staff in the United States Senate during events such as the debt ceiling crisis has given him the insight much needed in order to truly understand the inner workings of our political system.

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