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MSNBC, Please Get Rid of Dylan Ratigan

When will MSNBC get rid off that egotistical asshole Dylan Ratigan.?  He continues to give Republicans exactly what they want every time he blames "Washington" or "both parties" for everything from the fight over the new energy saving light bulbs (enacted by Georgie Bush) to the debt ceiling fight.  I agree Democrats should have fought harder for a better deal in the Health Care debate and during the Franklin-Dodd Finacial deal but listening to Ratigan you'd have thought Democrats did nothing but share a bed with Wall Street and the GOP .  Republicans really don't give a damn what party these lazy pundits blame as long as they blame government because isn't that the point.  Government is bad. And that's all the no nothing public hears.  Especially when Dylan Ratigan says it because man that guy loves to hear himself talk, using every word he's ever heard to make himself sound like he knows what he's talking about.

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