News of the Worlds Rebekah Brooks Tracks Phone of Mother of Another Murdered Girl

New allegations are being targeted against Rebekah Brooks, former Chief Executive of Ruperts Murdochs's now defunct News of the World tabloid.  According to sources from London's rival tabloid, The Guardian,  Brooks" befriended the mother of a murderd 8 year old girl, Sarah Paine.  Paine's mother, also named Sarah, claimed Rebekah even provided her with a cell phone in order to stay updated on the police investigation and perhaps so Rebeka in the process could console her in order to obtain personal information to use in her tabloid, (News of the World).  During the recent hearing before parliament, Sarah Paine (the mother) testified in defense of Brooks for her work on behalf of her daughter's murder.  Now it seems the cell phone given Ms.Pain was being tracked by "News of the World" allegedly under the direction of former Chief Executive Editor Rebekah Brooks.  Just when the Murdoch empire expected a break from these type of allegations, at least during the Summer break, now this. .Good luck with that vacation/holiday Murdoch.  

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