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Why Do Americans Keep Coming Back For More Republican Lies

Please read this post in "A World of Progress" by Vertigo. I only wish I had written it. It captures almost everything I've been thinking for a long time especially in these last couple of years. Why are most of our fellow citizens so easily manipulated by the simple messages given to them by the very same people who have screwed them over and over again?  If your brother -in-law continued to borrow money, each time promising to pay you back (with interest), yet each time he never pays back a dime, would you willingly hand him over an even bigger "loan". Of course not. Than why do we fall for the same song and dance the Republicans have been performing for 30 years. Supply Side Economics, Trickle Down, Lasiez fair-Cut taxes on the rich and it will all come back to us. Santa Claus is real and rich people just love to give their money away in order to help the economy. We have wasted 30 years believing a lie meant only to put more money in fortunate peoples pocket.
A World of Progress does an excellent job capturing how some politicians have been doing some very fat cats bidding for decades at the expense of American greatness.

I urge you to please read this article. It is right on the mark!
Vertigo | A World of Progress

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