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I started greenpistachioicecream out of frustration and a feeling of powerlessness.  I like millions of other Americans feel helpless as we continue to watch Washington do nothing about the very real problems average citizens face every day.  Some, like myself often wonder when the other shoe will drop and I will be left with a country I no longer recognize the country I grew up loving.  I once had faith our country would continue to be the greatest, most free, in the world.  I knew we were never perfect but I believed America would continue on a path in the pursuit of perfection even if we could never completely achieve it. Now, we seem to be controlled by a small gang of people who claim to love America but do nothing but try to destroy everything that has made us great.  I am attempting to do my part by writing this blog, and even if only 500 people ever read it, that's more than I would be doing just watching my country being destroyed and doing nothing.  If you agree with the message I try to spread to other frustrated, discouraged Americans, please help me continue to have the resources to continue.  Any amount would help. And even if you are unable to contribute thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  Thank you very much for your time and support.

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