Micheal Steele Insinuates Democrats Controlled Congress During Failure of Freddie and Fannie

Congressman (D-M) Barney Frank devastated Newt Gingrich's revisionist history over the failure of Freddie and Fannie Mac by pointing out that the Republican Party controlled Congress for over 12 years and did nothing to rectify the failure of the agencies which was becoming more and more apparent.  Congressman Frank pointed out that although he initially supported the government agencies because of his initial support for affordable home ownership, he later changed his view and urged the Republicans to initiate investigations into both of the agencies to no avail.  Today, on Al Sharpton's Politics Nation, Micheal Steele erroneously stated the Democrats were in control of the house from 1996-2002.  In fact, Republicans lead the House from 1994 until 2007 when Congressman Frank and Senator Dodd (D-M) were able to take over and finally put Fannie and Freddie into a conservortership.  Here is an interview a posted earlier taken from Andre Mitchel Reports where Congressman Frank explains this in detail:

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