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Video: Barney Frank Destroys Newt Gingrich

If there is one name Conservatives despise even more than the name Nancy Pelosi, that name would most likely be Barney Frank.  And consider which conservative would have the reason to despise Congressman Frank the most: 2012 presidential contender and former disgraced Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Could it be that Gingrich, knowing how many skeletons Barney Frank knows are hidden in Newt Gingrich's closet, would have plenty of reason to fear Frank?  Well it certainly doesn't seem  hard to find  inconsistencies in candidate Gingrich's interviews .Does he fail to understand how easy his declarations are to disprove by simply reviewing the video?  Newt Gingrich knows fully well how Barney Frank could add the narrative and help us all understand just how underhanded Mr. Gingrich has been all these years. Or does he truly believe the rest of American will fall for the garbage he's been able to feed to red meat hungry teabaggers on the right?  Watch how easily the most brilliant man in congress, Barney Frank, destroys him on Andrea Mitchell Reports:

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