Video: Bill O' Reilly Challenges Rick Perry!

When Texas Governor and presidential wannabe Rick Perry swaggered onto "The Fox New's Show"'s The O'Reilly factor, I'll bet he had no idea Bill O'Reilly would actually challenge Perry's recent commercial which he edits to make President Obama sound like he's calling Americans lazy.  Perry must have wondered if he'd wondered into a real newsroom.  Bill'O not only challenges Perry, he plays the unedited video of the President's speech in context and then asks a confused Perry: "Do you really believe that's what he [President Obama] meant?"  Of course Perry says he does believe the President was referring to all Americans as lazy, which just makes him sound as dumb as he really is.  Later, O'Reilly even challenges Perry's assertion that the President "is absolutely a Socialist" and amazingly Bill'O even correctly defines the meaning of socialism to an even more confused Perry, (I guess O'Reilly's been spending years pretending he doesn't know the definition of Socialism).  Just watch:

This proves two things: Bill O'Reilly is probably a Romney supporter and two Bill'O really does understand the meaning of Socialism and unlike most Fox peoples even knows the President is not one.

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