"Progressive" Spoilers Threaten Obama Victory

Dennis G. at Balloon Juice is on the mark in my opinion. I'm not jumping up and down at every decision made by the President but all I have to do is go on any right wing site and start reading the comments to realize how imperative a Democratic victory is in 2012. These right wing nuts who pretend to be the most patriotic Americans are literally insane and in reality dangerous to the welfare of this United States. They are the biggest threat to democracy since the Civil War, in my opinion. They're proving it right this moment by passing voting laws, in 32 Republican controlled states, aimed at discouraging voting(the larger the voter turnout the greater the chance of a Democratic victory). I intend to encourage everyone I can to vote a straight Democratic ticket this election. And as far as Nader and the rest of his spoilers, I intend to just ignore them and ask every person I can to do the same. Now please read Dennis G's excellent assessment of this band of egotistical idiots next at the link:
CAUTION: Geniuses at work…

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