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David Gregory Gives Mitch McConnell a Pass on Rebuking Debate Audience's Bloodlust Reaction

Don't you just hate that damn "liberal" lamestream media?  They constantly prove how biased they are each time they relentlessly grill a Conservative brave enough to appear on any network other than their own "Fox News Show" channel.  For example, watch how David Gregory on NBC's Meet the Press continues to press poor Mitch McConnell over the Republican audience's reaction to Jim oops! Rick Perry proudly anouncing his death penalty count and over allowing a man to die because he's uninsured:

The ghoulish response from this audience sent chills up my spine, but I guess it didn't bother Gregory too much because he certainly didn't find it important to follow up on McConnell's "I'm too busy obstructing the President's plans so he won't be reelected, to bother with rebuking my own party's blood lust reactions.  Gregory asked McConnell for his response to the audience:
GREGORY: Does the audience response in both cases trouble you as a Republican?
MCCONNELL: Look, we have a lot of people running for president. There are going to be a lot of debates, a lot of things said, a lot of audience reactions. I don't have any particular reaction to what's going on in Republican's campaign for president right now. I've got a big job to do trying to help turn this country around and working with a president who I believe has been doing all of the wrong things.
This makes me wonder how this so called "liberal" media would react to any Democrat who completely avoided answering for a Progressive audience hooten and holleren over an answer to a question dealing with abortion.  Democrats would never hear the end of it.

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