Video: Another Former TX Governor? How'd That Work Out for Ya Last time???

Teabaggers will now have a perfect chance to prove how "grassroots" and "independent they are of the Republican party who's last President, George W. Bush, they claim to despise due to his wild spending policies.  For those with short memories, that included the Medicare D package,the No Child Left Behind program and 2 wars  All of these were unfunded (meaning put on credit for the next guy to figure out how to pay for) and which finally forced him to enact the first stimulus package and the bail out of all those Too Big To Fail Wall Street Banks.  Their big chance to prove their authenticity comes in the form of another Cowboy hat wearing Texas Governor named Rick Perry. Like George W., according to Gov. Perry, God speaks directly to him.  God must be a bit indecisive-he can't seem to decide whether he wants Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and now maybe Rick Perry (come on God decide already). And the similarities certainly don't end there. Both, have a habit of surrounding themselves with controversial Christian ministers, such as Bush's spiritual advisor Ted "Rentboy.com, meth using,Haggard, from the very powerful Christian association "Focus on the Family".  Rick Perry prefers the "American Family Association", who are sponsoring his big "Call to Prayer Event" in Houston Texas next month. Heading this group is Bryan Fischer, who publicly states, among his other beliefs, Adolph Hitler manned his armies with homosexuals because we all know homosexuals fight like crazed animals.  Rachel Maddow recently did a segment on Governor Perry and the ministers he has chosen to speak at his "Call to Prayer" event:

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