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How Conservatives Act in Public Vs. How They Act in Private is Coming to an End and How Michelle Bachman is a Perfect Example

Everyone should read this excellent article published on It captures the reasons behind the Conservative hypocrisy, we Liberals have witnessed time and time again.  For example, when we witness Republicans like Michelle Bachman, rail against any Federal spending, yet Ms. Bachman owes everything she's ever made to the Federal government, including her 5,000+ sq. foot home situated on a golf course and much of the medicare reimbursements she's made through her and her husbands "cure the gay" clinic.
I haven't even included the salary she receives through the federal government for her job as a U.S. Congresswoman, which also entitles her to an excellent medical plan as well as a hefty lifetime pension after serving only 4 years. And of course, the epitomy of  hypocrisy has to be her time spent as a prosecutor working for the bain of all true conservatives, the IRS.  Yes, it's true, Michelle 'all government is evil" Bachman once prosecuted American citizens for failure to pay those evil taxes she now bases her whole image on fighting.  Of course I'll bet Bachman only prosecuted your average Joe or Jane and not all those fat cat billionaires she now fights tooth and nail to protect from contributing a dime for the welfare of the country she now represents and claims to love.

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