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Video: Camera Loving Teabagger Congressman Joe Walsh Is A Dead Beat Dad!

According to a story broken by the Chicago Sun Times, Teabagger Republican and freshman Represenative Joe Walsh is a Dead Beat Dad!  Walsh owes $117,437 in child support to his ex-wife and three children and ex-wife Laura Walsh has asked a judge to suspend Congressman Walsh's drivers license until he pays up.  Walsh has loaned his own campaign $35,000  and payed himself back at least $14,200 for the loans, yet Walsh claims he failed to make the payments because he “had no money.”  Many of you remember Walsh as the camera loving "fiscal conservative" Republican member of the Tea Party Caucus.  Or you may remember him as the a**hole who made a video calling on the President to "stop lying" about the the ramifications of defaulting on the nations debt.  Walsh likes to brag about his own frugality, claiming he even sleeps in his congressional office to save money and has been described  by colleagues as “the biggest media hound in the freshman class,”  Recently he has been a prominent voice in the debt ceiling showdown making television appearances almost every day like the one he made on "Hardball with Chris Matthews" in which he felt the need to call Matthews '"Chris" 61 times in a 10 minute interview while denouncing President Obama’s “reckless spending,” which he says has “bankrupted this country.” In one video made by Walsh he states, “I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!” When confronted with his own hypocrisy, he criticized the media for the timing of this story and then claimed his being a deadbeat dad helped him understand the plight of the average American.

After the story broke Walsh excused his behavior by blaming others for telling the truth about his hypocritical history of poor handling of his own finances which also include the previous foreclosure of his home:
I know that story just broke, and it’s interesting that it just broke right now as I’m out there trying my best to fight this President and fight the Democrats and solve this debt crisis. But look, I’m the most openly vetted candidate in the world. I have had financial troubles and I talked about them throughout the campaign. This is where real America is.

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