Congressman Allen West Proves Once Again Why He's More Suited For The Iranian Government

For the second day in a row, Congressman Allen West proved why he's not only unfit for duty in the U.S. military, he once served in, before retiring under less than flattering circumstances (see my previous blog for more on this), but he's also unfit for serving his country as an elected official of the people. Didn't teabaggers just love to yell "you work for us' at Democratic Representative's town hall meetings on health care reform? I'm sure it was on the instruction sheet ""  Americans for Prosperity" sent out to all it's bussed in "grassroots" tea partiers  So why does West only allow prepared questions submitted beforehand on index cards.  And why, as in my earlier post as well as Nicole Sandford herself on video illustrated, was she handcuffed and hauled to jail where she was maced for no apparent reason.  Well once more protesters were arrested just for having the audacity to question Florida's freshman nutjob (who at one time claimed he had a higher security clearance than the President of the United States).  According to an article in Think Progress:
Allen West, the Tea-Party backed GOP candidate for Congress in Florida's 22nd district, is a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. He apparently believes this entitles him to a security clearance higher than any clearance held by President Obama. He told an audience in Pompano, FL last week that: "I still retain a secret security clearance. And I tell you, if you look at the application for a security clearance, I have a clearance that even the president of the United States cannot obtain because of my background." 
Of course, his outlandish claims are ridiculous.  He ran on a pledge to protect senior citizens and was elected by a angry and scared electorate.  Now, West has admitted he hates Medicare, Social Security and any other government entitlement  Allen West is crazier than Michelle Bachmann, and scarier than Sharon Angle.  I wonder how many of those who voted for Allen West actually knew what they were getting.  And I hope they've learned their lesson before he does any long lasting damage besides what he's already inflicted , not only on the integrity of the House of Representatives itself, but on all our elected officials. Elected officials have these town hall meeting for the purpose of addressing  the concerns of their constituents.  They should respect their constituents concerns not be hauled off to jail for daring to question them.  NOT IN AMERICA.  Congressman West seemed to think "town hall" things are held for the  benefit of the Congressman and for the purpose of telling voters what to think. Sorry Cong. West; town halls are for the people telling you what THEY THINK.  Calls to his staffers confirm this belief along with an authoritarian attitude that his beliefs are never wrong and we should all just get with the program or shut up. 

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