Intelligence Gathered at Osama Compound May Lead To Al Queda's 2nd in Command


CBS News is reporting an anonymous source as claiming "positive intelligence" found at the scene may yield the whereabouts of AlQueda's #2 man Ali Zawahiri.

The intelligence source said that there are “numerous” leads giving them locations but cautioned that they are fluid as al Qaeda leaders may be on the run, changing their locations. [...]
Analysts are working around the clock scrutinizing the documents and 2.7 terabytes of computer data, knowing that the information may be perishable.
This would be especially important since Al Queda leaders have stated they will seek revenge over the killing of OBL and continue terrorists attacks against the United States.  Ali Zawahiri is Osama's chief deputy and most likely his successor.  After the killing of Osama bin Laden,  locating Ali Zawahiri would be the next logical objective in the war against terrorism.

It's amazing what a competent administration can do.

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