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Follow up/Short but Sweet/ Satirical Site Owned by Koch Impersonator

When Republican Jane Corwin decided to run in the special election for New York's 26th congressional district, she wisely opened up a nice little site for her campaign at  You guessed it: She forgot to buy up  So guess what Walker trickster owns it? Right again, Koch brother impersonator extraordinaire Ian Murphy.  What luck.  It should make for an interesting special election.

Follow Up: I doubt Ian Murphy- aka Walker's- trickster had much to do with Corwin's astonishing failer.  But it was still a lot of fun to watch!   At least fun for us Democrats.  For TeabagggersRepublicans; NOT SO MUCH.
Of Course, We Dems can't wait for you to keep plowing away at your attempts to destroy Medicare for all baby boomers and beyond and then try to convince us those Premium Plans Coupons aren't a third of  what medical will be costing by the time we're eligible.  They are just trying to save a system that 's worked for over 45 years.  IN reality many of us may be forced into living in rat invested shacks eating cat food.  BTW,  Paul Ryan you are the hero of all Democrats.  Thank you for finally putting in writing what most Republicans have wanted since the very beginnings of Medicare.  Who cares who gets hurt?  It won't be them or their families.

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