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Teabaggers Show True Colors to TPC Callers!

Earlier I posted a link to a video of a woman named Nicole Sandler who was arrested, detained at police headquarters and maced for questioning Congressman Allen West of Florida at a town hall meeting he hosted, presumably to answer questions from his constituents. Apparently Congressman West was under the impression Town Halls were held so elected officials could explain to their "stupid" electorate why said elected official is correct on every issue.  Maybe I'm "stupid" but I'm under the impression that Town Halls are for the people to let their Representative know what the people think. Allen's past should have indicated the type of elected official Floridians were getting. He was reprimanded after violating the rules of military conduct American servicemen are required to follow when questioning a prisoner or war. In Col. West's case, he asked all those present to leave and then proceeded to threaten the prisoner's life by placing a handgun to the man's forehead. He retired shortly after the incident.  After being elected he chose his very good friend and one "I look to for advice", radio personality Joyce Kaufman.  Here's a video of Kaufman at a teabagger rally before the election.

Once this video surfaced as well as some of Ms. Kaufmann's numerous other outrageous statements she's made on her radio show, Allan West was forced to rescind the offer.  However, he still states he "values her advice" and "will still consult her from time to time".

I realize the post on "Political Carnival" is not exclusively concerning Rep. Allan West but it is indicative of the type of arrogant, my -way- or- the- highway, nutjobs this country elected out of a justifiable anger with the economy. But listen to what the people they elected are saying:  ""They are right and anyone who doesn't get it should be eliminated".  At the expense of invoking Godwin's Law here, this does sound eerily similar to things we heard at another not so distant time in this world's history.  I beg of you Americans. Let your voices be heard over this insanity. Listen to the crazy threats of violence from people like Joyce Kaufman or Sharon Angle's "second amendment remedies" rhetoric. These people only love this country when they are in charge and that kind of conditional love isn't real. But they do not represent the country you and I know and love.  They can threaten us, like the cowards they are, all they want but THEY WILL NEVER SILENCE US.
Please read this exclusive from TPC where their callers did an excellent job getting the truth out of the offices of Bachman, Ryan and more teabaggers. A MUST READ:

TPC Exclusive- Reader calls offices of Bachmann, Ryan, Cantor, Webster: Tea party’s right, so “stop voicing concerns”

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