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Where in the World is Dylan Ratigan?

Has anyone noticed Dylan Ratigan hasn't been seen of MSNBC in weeks-just about the time he through another temper tantrum most MSNBS viewers have grown weary off?  This last one to them all but end up just sounding like he just loves the hear of voice.  What do you think???


Anonymous said...

I too have wondered where Dylan Ratigan has been. He hasn't hosted his show himself in weeks. As for his ranting, I truly think he likes to hear his own voice raised in opposition to whatever he doesn't like on any particular day.

anitamurie said...

I'm sorry I took sooooo long getting back to you. I haven't had time to write anything lately. Looks like Dylan's back though, which totally sucks. That man can't ask a question without using every word he knows. He just looks like he's trying way too hard to impress his viewers and make sure we know how smart he is. Can't stand him. Andrew Breitbart had him pegged the moment he stepped on Ratigans show. All he to do was kiss his ass a little and Dylan let that creep get away without answering one question about all his lies and distortions. MSNBC must have someone (perhaps a real liberal)to replace his egotistical ass.