Video: Ron Reagan gives Great Response to Santorum's Paper Towels aren't Napkins Metaphor

Ron Reagan recently guest hosted for Hardball's Chris Matthews.  In this video Reagan shows why he and not his idiot father President Reagan is the real "great communicator", by destroying presidential hopeful and the rest of the homophobes argument against gay marriage.  Santorum who once infamously claimed homosexuality leads to man on dog sex outdid himself, at a campaign event, by attempting to point out that napkins are obviously not paper towels. That's news to the millions of Americans who load up on paper towels everyday and routinely use them interchangeably with napkins. Most American families I suspect are more like my own and purchase actual napkins only once in a while for special occasions.  Santorum's family may use "proper napkins on a daily basis which only proves how rich elites such as himself who have never understood middle class Americans and therefore have no idea how to govern the 99% of us who care less about how you label a napkin vs a paper towel and more about which works best.  After calling attention to Santorum's ridiculed napkin/paper towel debate, Reagan gives the best argument there is to the gay marriage leads to legalizing polygamy, marriage to animals, sisters, fathers and other despicable liberal mischief.  So next time a friend or family member tries this ridiculous argument on you remember this video:

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