Must-Read Krugman: GOP is Now “Aggressively Anti-Science, Indeed Anti-Knowledge,” Which Should “Terrify Us.”

This is a must read for anyone in the least bit concerned, not only about the United States, but for the world we all must live on. My greatest fear is those ,(myself included), Progressives not entirely satisfied with President Obama's job performance will use the 2012 election to voice our displeasure. The problem is not that Progressives fail to vote Democrat when they are unhappy with the Democratic party as a whole but that we fail to energize those who won't necessarily show up at the poles without our work and encouragement. The midterm elections in 2010 are just a tiny example of what Republicans will do to the whole country if given another proverbial bite of the apple. Ohio, Michagin, Wisconsin, Florida, etc... are all suffering terribly due to Republican control. Women's rights, Union rights, unemployment and widespread corruption have already been seen in all of these GOP held states. Now imagine our country subjected to the same type of abuses 1ooo times over. Imagine what will become of our own planet if Republicans are allowed to ravage what's left of it's natural resources while completely denying the effects humans create to climate change. I worry my own children and their future children trying to survive in a world we have created unlivable through our own greed, denial and ignorance. President Obama and the Democratic party may not be perfect but it is our job to continue to push them in to action or we will all face devastating consequences. George W. Bush and his Republican cronies pretend they have something new to offer Americans but the truth is obvious. They came very close to completely destroying this country in every way possible and now in reality they are only asking us for a chance to finish the job.

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Read Krugman: GOP is Now “Aggressively Anti-Science, Indeed Anti-Knowledge,” Which Should “Terrify Us.”: pNow, we don’t know who will win next year’s presidential election. But the odds are that one of these years the world’s greatest nation will find itself ruled by a party that is aggressively anti-science, indeed anti-knowledge. And, in a time of severe challenges — environmental, economic, and more — that’s a terrifying prospect. Paul [...]/p

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