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"God, Sex & The Bible" vs. "The Book of Greek Myths"


 Cenk Uyger's interview with, God, Sex, and the Bible, author Michael Coogans should be read by  anyone tired of listening to right-wing, Fundamentalist Christians, who insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible. And everyone else.  As Cenk points out, Coogans facts are overwhelming, against those who, amazingly, still believe mankind should follow this book word for word.. Coogan has interpreted it in it's original language, is  a Professor of Theology at Harvard University and uses scripture in his well reasoned arguments. He explains how the Bible was written over a thousand year time span by many well educated "men" of their time, each having a point of view coinciding with the time period in which they are writing.  For hundreds of years, man has used this book to tell the rest of mankind how to live, picking and choosing what is offensive in his time and in his culture.  For example, Coogan points out that many things, according to the "Good Book" are an abomination. These "sins against God's word" range from adultery, to eating shell fish. Being stoned to death for working on the Sabbath, would probably not fly in the United States today. Sharia law, which stoning is considered, isn't very popular in the opinion of Americans, (even by most Fundamentalists, I believe). Coogan's book should be read, not just by those of us who realize the Bible should be taken as literally as, The Book of Greek Myths.  But most importantly by those who, perhaps, should explore their similarities.

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