Dick Morris Thinks Bill Daley is Chicago Mayor Richard Daley

Maybe someone at Foxpac should have stuffed a foot in Dick Morris's mouth, before he went on air and made a (grander than usual) fool of himself.  While being interviewed by morning host Steve Doocy concerning President Obama's recent pick of Bill Daley as his new Chief of Staff, Morris went on autopilot and began, what he apparently thought would be, his vapid routine criticism of the President's pick.  As the well behaved Foxpac employee his blinding hatred of the Clintons has turned him into, (not that he wasn't always a piece of work), Morris began showing off his stupidity right out of the starting gate.  Before Doocy could get a word out,  he began mumbling, "I think it's a mistake", explaining Daley was used to: "running a city, he's used to executive experience, being a mayor, not legislative experience...".  The thing Morris obviously hadn't been informed:  Bill Daley has never been a mayor, but his brother is Chicago Mayor Richard Daley!  Bill Daley is a former Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, so you'd think Dicky might have known that. But he's whoring for Rupert Murdoch now, so he's most likely taken some sort of Oath to Ignorance.
Maybe Foxpac should invite, Iowa congressman, Steve King on to explain to it's, specially informed audience, that Dick, "toe sucking", Morris,, like his beloved new Speaker, John Boehner,  just has an over abundance of mendacity.
Watch the whole mendacious interview for yourself, next, courtesy of Media Matters:

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