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If You Miss George W. Bush; You'll Just Love the 112th Congress!

The reason I wanted you to see this old Young Turks video about George W. Bush, is I think on this day it's important to remind ourselves who's policies got us into such a financial mess. Today, a new Republican controlled 112th Congress will be taking charge and doing it's best to take us back to those failed policies. Wasn't taking this country to the brink of complete financial collapse proof enough those policies not only don't work, they're dangerous?  Has John Boehner forgotten how he actually cried on the floor of the House of Representatives begging his Republican colleagues to support a 700 billion dollar bank bailout, and predicting the end of the U.S. economy if the bailout (TARP) wasn't passed. Would Boehner have cried on the floor if Obama had been President at the time? No, sadly, I truly believe Republican greed and ambition surpass even love of country. The fact that the GOP is relying on American ignorance and a short term memory to propose the same trickle down economics proves it.

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