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You're Boycotting Justin Bieber. Really???

Andy Sullivan is a Brooklyn native, construction worker and founder of the 9/11 Hard hat Pledge whose signers vow not to work on the construction of the Park 51 project.  Sullivan, always wearing his American flag painted hard hat, has been seen on television frequently talking tough about those "radical" Muslims. Well believe it or not, Sullivan has now extended his Hard Hat pledge to include boycotting teen sensation Justin Bieber. No kidding.

According to magazine:

Mosque foes recently started a boycott of Bieber after he made comments in support of the mosque project in an interview with Tiger Beat, a teen fan magazine, Sullivan told WYNC earlier this month. Now, his 8-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son have been banned from attending Bieber performances.

I have a 12 year old daughter, Maya Emanuela, who, like almost all girls her age, is madly in love with Justin Bieber.  Posters of Justin adorn her bedroom walls and I know she dreams of marrying him one day.  I know because I was positive I'd be Mrs. David Cassidy some day, if only he could see how much my love for him was bigger than the rest of those 'other silly girls".  Incidentally, I did see Cassidy in Vegas a few years ago; my heart still skipped a beat upon finally seeing him in person.
I do have trouble seeing the immense talent my daughter sees in Justin Bieber, although he is a very cute boy.  However, since his recent comments in Tiger Beat concerning Park 51, my respect for him has just grown tenfold and someday, who knows, they may even receive my permission to marry.

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