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Tucker Carlson Thinks Killing Animals Should be a Capital Offense (Watch Out Sarah Palin)!

President Obama recently made a phone call to Philadelphia Eagle's owner Jeffrey Lurie, commending his decision to give quarterback Michael Vick a second chance after Vick's release from prison.  Vick had served 19 months on charges related to his involvement in a dog fighting ring. Tucker Carlson was substituting for Sean Hannity on Fox News, but is usually considered almost reasonable by Fox standards. This weekend however Tucker did a fine imitation of Hannity when he made blatantly offensive and just plain dumb commentary on the Eagle's new quarterback, by actually suggesting Vick should have have received the death penalty for his (admittedly indefensible) treatment of dogs.  I guess the 19 months Vick served in prison, the 2 year suspension in a career which lasts an average of 10 years, as well as his having to declare bankruptcy, just wasn't enough for Carlson.  Is Tucker Carlson claiming the life an animal, even that of a dog, is worth more than that of a human being?  Has Tucker ever watched an episode of "Animal Cops" on the Animal Planet channel?  With all the cruelty to animals I've witnessed on that show, we'd have to hold mass executions regularly for all the habitual offenders.  And will capital punishment be acceptable retribution only when cruelty is perpetuated on certain types of animals?  I'm sure there would have to be exceptions for pigs, cows, chickens and turkeys. And what about pet pigs, pet snakes or goats?  What about animals like minks or chinchillas, who are only bred for their fur?  If they die in captivity could that be grounds for charges of manslaughter, ( or should I say animalslaughter)?  Of course, penalties should be harsh against certain individuals who we should certainly make examples of.  Sarah Palin has bragged about how much she enjoys killing animals, (how sick is that, Tucker?)  She has even given us video of her taking a helicopter in order to pick off endangered, defenseless wolves with her rifle. There is just so much to consider if the United States is going to make killing animals a capital offense.  Of course, those at Fox don't like to put much thought into anything.  To do so would probably go against policy.

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