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Forget About American Exceptionalism! Republicans Want The U.S. To Be More Like Canada

Ever notice Conservatives, (Republicans), just hate it when anyone, (other than fellow Republicans), has the unpatriotic audacity to compare the U.S. to other countries.  Are they implying a possibility America is not the greatest, most successful country that ever existed on God's green Earth, EVER?  Which of course would then imply Americans are not the bravest, most charitable, and of course humblest people to ever inhabit this planet.  Conservatives were disgusted when Mexican-Americans dared carry Mexican flags while protesting Arizona's papers please act.  Yet, I never heard a peep over Sarah Palin proudly displaying an Israeli flag, (and what no American flag!).   Sarah Palin must hate America.  Why doesn't she just move to Israel if she loves it so much?  During the health care debate we heard a great deal from Conservatives about Canada's health care system.  Listening to the Right, they must have been shoveling the bodies of all those Canadians, forced to wait too long for life saving surgery, off the streets of Ontario.  Is it possible Fox is now commending that same country on it's low tax rates?  How can that be? Wasn't I once warned, (by this same channel), about Canada's citizenry being forced to pay sky high tax rates to pay for all that inefficient universal health care.  Once again, what's okie dokie when Republicans do it is labeled unAmerican, unpatriotic and occasionally even verging on treasonous when it's done by those of us on the left. 

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