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Video: Jon Stewart Asks Republicans WTF is Wrong with You, After Obama Success in Libya

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! With the support of both the United States and NATO, Libyan dictator Khaddafi was killed yesterday at the hands of his own country's rebel forces. Watch Jon Stewart on The Daily Show's reaction to Republican critics after another National Security success by the Obama administration.
Aren't these the same Republicans who enthusiastically supported an unnecessary war in Iraq which lasted almost 9 years, cost over a trillion dollars, resulted in the death of over 4,000 American servicemen and women with another 50,000 U.S. soldiers injured and 10's of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives, yet criticized President Obama's decision, supported by NATO and the Arab league as well as the Libyan people. And prevented the slaughter of thousands of Libyans after they were threatened by Khaddafi without costing a single American life and cost less than a billion dollars. A decision which resulted in less than 8 months of American involvement, not one boot on the ground in Libya, not one American troop death and the successful end of Khaddafi's 42 year dictatorship and reign of terror which included the killing of over 270 U.S. service personal's lives in the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland among many other terrorists acts attributed to the Libyan dictator. President Obama's success in areas which do not require Congressional involvement only prove how much success he may have had without the unprecedented amount of Republican obstructionism we have seen used against this President. Hopefully in 2012, this country can finally get back on track if we rid ourselves of those who get in the way of progress.

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