Loretta Lynn Celebrates Family Planning in her Classic Single "The Pill"

I posted this last summer but I think recent events have Loretta Lynns's celebration of the birth control pill and the freedom it's inception gave to women.  So I thought it deserved another go around to prove how wide spread and how long it's use has been.  Let's face it the birth control pill changed everything for women and made it feasible for women to compete in what was once a "man's world".  And Rick Santorum and those like him don't like this because they fear it.
There are 8 (now 11 and counting) states where United States Republican legislatures are not only attempting to take away a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, they're even attempting to take away a woman's right to family planning. I think Loretta Lynn might have objected.. Listen to her sing "The Pill", a classic way back in 1965 when married women finally won the right to birth control.  So once again enjoy:

This song written and sung by popular country western singer, Loretta Lynn, has been partially credited for making the birth control bill a respectable form of family planning and giving women opportunities they may never have had.  Thank You, Loretta Lynn!

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