Wisconsin Republican's Prove Republicans Hate Democracy

What's happening in Wisconsin should surprise no one who's paid any attention to Republican politics. Just like GOP leaders in Washington who seem to care less about what's best for the American people,   Republicans in Wisconsin have done everything they possibly can in their attempt dismantle democracy in their state.  Time and time again they have shown absolutely no regard to the people, to basic fairness or even to the law if it gets in their way.  Their behavior has become so outrageous many of the citizens of Wisconsin began a successful campaign to have these legislators recalled.  These authoritarian leaders have shown nothing but disrespect and disdain for American democracy, and true to form have now resorted to making voting difficult for those constituencies who based on past voting trends are most likely to vote Democrat.  They even managed to rush that legislation through using what may be seen as questionable tactics.  Rachel Maddow did a great job Friday on this story concerning what is quickly becoming a trend in Republican run states.

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As if to prove my point concerning this trend in Republican state politics, Rachel did another fantastic job, this time covering Ohio's very similar use of this very undemocratic tactic.

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