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Peeps on "The Fox News Show" Prove Why White House Needs to Monitor Lies


So Fox News is upset that the Obama administration might think it needs someone to monitor all the lies and misinformation being spread by the right wing media, led by  Republicans"The Fox News Show" channel,  about the President.  Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago, (around the same time our Prez was kinda busy hunting down and killing America's most dangerous terrorist), that President Obama was being harangued daily by Republicans "The Fox News Show" channel to "just show us your birth certificate"?  So if Grandma gets her "news" every day just from watching this particular channel and Uncle Bob only gets his "news" from some right wing rag on the Internet, they would have no idea the President is anything but some Muslim Manchurian President, raised in a Madrassa, who secretly "pals around with terrorists" and who may or may not be the Anti-Christ.  Later, of course, Glenn Beck's teevee show that day will confirm Grandmas worst fears about the President while Uncle Bob forwards all those nasty "Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist lover" emails he gets from pals he met at the non-union, low wage jobs they all hate.  Fox, just by turning this position into something it's not, only proves the White House's need to have someone monitoring disinformation and hopefully making sure to address it with something they hate: The Truth.  That's exactly what peeps at the "Fox News Show" are so worried about:  Someone who finds a way to tell Grandma and Uncle Bob The Truth, The Facts.  Right Wing propaganda machines know they would have nothing good to say about the GOP they support, if they have to rely on facts.  Republicans "The Fox News Show" and the Right Wing media has decided to ignore anything- especially those pesky facts- that get in the way of  their Right Wing Agenda because even they really know (to paraphrase The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert):  Facts have a Left Wing Agenda

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