Why Progressives Love Rick Santorum"s Candidacy

I used to despise Rick Santorum and every crazy whacked out thing he stood for.  But since he's been running to lead the GOP against President Obama I actually love when he spouts those whacked out beliefs.  Santorum, recently stated he didn't  care about the unemployment rate.  And I'm pretty sure he meant it.  I believe he could care less about fiscal responsibility or trade, the middle class, the foreclosure crisis, the deficit, Social Security, Medicare, foreign policy or anything else.  Santorum believes he's on a mission from God and he's the only man to save us from fire and brimstone.  So as long as he stays in the race and he's repeatedly stated he's in it for the long haul, he will continue his destruction of the Republican party and their corporate agenda.  He's let the cat out of the bag as they say and unleashed the crazy religious zealots who would love nothing better than to bring this country back at least 50 years.  He's no better than an Islamic extremist and most Americans have never cared for extremism.   So I say, go ahead Rick continue on with your crusade against birth control, women's rights and homosexuality. As long as the GOP, is defending "religious freedom"(lol), the President just looks better and better.

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